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This template creates a page link with an image of the item as it's shown in the inventory next to it. This uses the Grid Images from {{Grid}}. Can be customized with the parameters shown in the examples. This also works with mods, as long as they have grid images.


Code Result
{{InvLink|Cobblestone}} Grid Cobblestone.png Cobblestone
{{InvLink|Lava|Lava (Inventory)}} Grid Lava.png Lava (Inventory)
{{InvLink|id=Stone|Monster Egg|Silverfish Stone}} Grid Stone.png Silverfish Stone
{{InvLink|Saddle}} Grid Saddle.png Saddle
{{InvLink|id=Iron Cap (Thaumcraft)|Mods/Thaumcraft/Iron Cap|Iron Cap}} Grid Iron Cap (Thaumcraft).png Iron Cap

Note the id parameter usage. It HAS to be with a capital letter.

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