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Java Edition
Bedrock Edition

Diese Seite listet die Versionsgeschichte der Bedrock Edition 1.8 auf.

Entwicklungszyklus: Alpha (Versionsgeschichte) Pfeil34 Vollversion

Vollversion 1.8[]

Version Tag des Updates Neuerungen und Änderungen

17. Dezember 2018
8. Januar 2019


11. Dezember 2018



  • Pandas spawnen jetzt im Dschungel, wo sie sich wälzen, faulenzen und herumlungern!
  • Stray cats now spawn in villages
    • Cats can be tamed using fish
    • Ocelots are no longer tameable
    • Players can now feed ocelots to gain their trust
  • Bamboo can now be found while fishing in jungles and will appear in some chests (Spawning naturally in the world will come in a future update)
  • Gerüst - Ein Block, auf den geklettert werden kann. Kann hergsetsllt werden aus Bambus.
  • New Achievements
    • Where have you been? - Receive a gift from a tamed cat in the morning (20G)
    • Top of the World - Place scaffolding to the word limit (20G)
    • Zoologist - Breed two pandas with bamboo (40G)
  • Added randomTickSpeed game rule
  • For Map Makers and Add-On Creators:
    • Updated templates for 1.8.0 with new assets and behaviors can be downloaded from minecraft.net/addons
    • Updates to Add-Ons that allow players to add new entities, particles, and animations. See aka.ms/MinecraftAddons for more details and enable Experimental Gameplay in your world!
    • Functions have come to Bedrock! Functions allow players to write the commands their worlds use in an external file, not just Command Blocks. See the Minecraft Wiki for more information
  • Experimental Gameplay: (Only available when Experimental Gameplay is enabled in world settings)
    • Crossbow weapon with new enchantments
      • Multishot
      • Piercing
      • Quick Charge


  • Phantoms are now afraid of cats and will not swoop down while cats are around
  • Increased the size of Tropical fish (MCPE-35877)
  • Skeleton Horse and Zombie Horse foals now have a chance of being spawned using a spawn egg
  • Ein Handwerks-Rezept für gepacktes Eis hinzugefügt
  • Separated Bone Meal, Ink Sac, Cocoa Beans, and Lapis Lazuli into their own dyes and unified all dye names
  • The splash screen now has an animated loading bar
  • The following commands can now be run in-game without enabling cheats:
    • /gamerule showcoordinates
    • /gamerule dofiretick
    • /gamerule tntexplodes
    • /gamerule domobloot
    • /gamerule naturalregeneration
    • /gamerule dotiledrops
    • /gamerule pvp
  • A warning now appears when attempting to change settings on a world template, as it could change the creator's intended experience
  • Command blocks now have the default name of ! instead of @
  • More skin packs are now shown in the skin picker menu, and each pack can be opened and viewed in its own page
  • The autocomplete list for player mentions now works in slash commands
  • The Remix3D upload service on Windows 10 is no longer available, but creations can still be exported as .glb 3D Object files
  • Text-to-Speech can now be enabled on Nintendo Switch
  • Minecraft Marketplace:
    • Content can now be sorted by 'Updates Available' in your inventory
    • Content can now be sorted and filtered by rating when browsing the Marketplace
    • Bundles of content can now be purchased