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1.1 build 7

Pocket Edition




April 27, 2017

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1.1 build 7 (also known as alpha is the seventh and final build released for 1.1.0.[1]


  • "EnchantRandomly" function has been modified to use treasure flags
  • Woodland mansion chests' loot tables have been altered to allow for treasure enchantments.
  • Zombie villagers now have the unique sounds that they do in the Java edition.
  • Palette colors now match Java Edition's palette colors.
  • The "crafting" label above the 2x2 grid in the player inventory was removed because the sizing didn't work in non-English languages.
  • Font fixes.
  • Updated the beacon recipe to not use a specified aux value and instead use the default.
  • Off-hand items are now hidden in 3rd person view when using a bow rather than being drawn at wrong angles and positions.
  • Tweaked some weird touch issues with the hotbar.
  • Shulker retextured.
  • Updated spawn egg texture for husk, shulker, silverfish, stray and zombie horse.
  • Updated texture of the Potion of Decay.


  • The provoke range of endermen is no longer too short.
  • Endermites no longer occasionally spin around for a few seconds when not chasing a target.
  • It no longer takes an unreasonable amount of time to break cobblestone walls.
  • Snowballs now generate particles when they break.
  • Dead bushes again catch fire & disappear.
  • "This bed is occupied" message now only appears for the player trying to get in the occupied bed, not the player currently using it.
  • Villagers no longer prioritize harvesting crops over sharing food with hungry villagers.
  • Zombies and skeleton horses no longer die unexpectedly.
  • Tipped Arrow of Decay now has the correct texture.
  • Ender pearls now show the correct particles when breaking.
  • Blaze rods are now shown correctly when held in 3rd person view.
  • Removed the extra white pixel in the Peony thumbnail.
  • Gameplay sounds again load on the main menu.
  • Elytra has sounds again.
  • "Beam Me Up" achievement works again.
  • Miscellaneous tweaks & fixes to Marketplace.
  • The frequency of enchanted books has increased to account for the new enchantments.
  • Using bone meal on a fully grown crop doesn't consume the bone meal anymore.
  • Fire ticks properly now- it spreads & extinguishes in an appropriate amount of time.
  • Reduced the size of the hitbox on arrows.
  • Villagers now use the correct recipe to craft bread and consume wheat.
  • Fixed the animation issues with equipped, off-hand items in 3rd person view.
  • Villager trading window no longer closes immediately on the first attempt at a trade.
  • Draw distance range is no longer too high on low memory devices.
  • Fixed arrows under water from constantly spewing bubbles.
  • Fixed projectiles never reporting that they were on the ground.
  • Fixed text on signs appearing too high.
  • Fixed white wool/carpet appearing just as "wool" and "carpet".
  • Villagers and zombie villagers now appear in igloos
  • Fixed a crash that happened when a player fell in the void.
  • Mobs are no longer invincible if the player give them a totem of undying.
  • Mobs now play footsteps sounds.
  • The profile changes the player's name to the default if they leave the name blank.
  • Fixed a crash if the player's language is German & they use a hyphen.
  • Texture packs should no longer randomly decide not to work or show corrupted textures anymore.
  • Players in multiplayer can now see offhand items of other players.
  • Chests can now be opened if an entity stands in the same block.
  • Infinity bows no longer take arrows from the offhand slot.
  • Frosted ice blocks that turn back into water now flow correctly.
  • Shulker boxes now open under top-half slab blocks.
  • Horse, mules, and donkeys now take damage from cacti while mounted.
  • Shulkers now get damaged by & teleport away/out of fire & lava.
  • Zombies suffocate again.
  • Spawn eggs renamed in an anvil now respect special names when spawning mobs.
  • Players can again shoot at a mob less than 5 blocks away.
  • Players can now shoot themselves with a bow and arrow.
    • And can also splash themselves with potions.
  • Players no longer suffocate while riding horses underneath blocks that aren't actually suffocating the player.
  • Fixed a few bugs regarding horses suffocating & taking damage when they shouldn't be doing either.
  • Players can again exit the Exit World menu with the esc key.


  • The developers tried to fix a bug where different slab types override each other. The fix did not work.