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1.1 build 5

Pocket Edition




April 19, 2017

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1.1 build 5 (also known as alpha is the fifth build released for 1.1.0.[1]



  • Renamed the Angličtina language to Čeština, and the Norsk language to Norsk bokmål.


  • Exiting the crafting grid will not drop items on the ground unless the inventory is full.
  • MCPE-19876 Mobs no longer get stuck in corners of fences.
  • Slimes & Magma Cubes again have the correct movement.
  • MCPE-20461 The Befehl /say command in command blocks no longer gives an incorrect message.
  • Ender dragon movement is no longer really jittery when in flight.
  • MCPE-20847 Shulker boxes drop one shulker box when mined with a Silk Touch pickaxe.
  • All mobs should now be affected by the speed effect.
  • Name auto-complete in commands works again.
  • "Diamonds to You!" achievement again unlocks in multiplayer.
  • Resource Pack purchase screen download progress bars now appear after purchasing DLC.
  • MCPE-19019 Anvils no longer drop as items when they fall on torches - and they stack now, too.
  • Multiple coin offers are no longer highlighted at once when navigating the Marketplace with a controller.
  • Cave spider spawners now generate more often in abandoned mineshafts.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when chests & cauldrons collided with each other.
  • Arrows no longer stutter when fired while riding an animal.
  • Increased the speed and range of the Evoker's Fang attack.
  • Template worlds will once again appear on the create world screen.
  • Rideable mobs can only be ridden when equipped with a saddle.
  • Particles traveling from bookshelves to enchantment tables will now travel over blocks.
  • Fixed a crash when attempting to type more than four lines on a sign.
  • The Boost button is now visible when riding a Pig with Carrot on a Stick in hand. (Pocket Edition only)
  • Chest on donkey/mule can now be accessed with a controller in Pocket UI.
  • Fixed texture orientation on command blocks.
  • Fixed Broadcast to LAN not toggling off.
  • Horses' heads no longer clip through player's face when moving up single blocks.
  • Redstone torches now have sound when burning out.
  • The on-screen chat keyboard can now be re-opened.
  • Repeaters now properly handle delay-based pulse generation.
  • Various layout adjustments to the Marketplace screen.
  • Pressing ↵ Eingabe on the keyboard will now move to the next line when making a sign (Android only).
  • Fixed a crash when trying to open a chest that was pushed or pulled by a sticky.
  • Fixed texture colors of fences and fence gates.
  • MCPE-20746 Fixed 0xfe RakNet wrapper packet compression.
  • Fixed a crash when standing in an End Portal as it is completed.
  • MCPE-5406 Lava will no longer flow towards drops it cannot reach.
  • MCPE-1982 Once again have fixed mobs going out of fences when reloading a world.
  • Fixed the Leave Boat button missing from the screen.
  • Minecarts will no longer jump off downward-sloping rails.
  • Fixed the height of shulker boxes.
  • Fixed Totem of Undying lighting issues.
  • Milk buckets will no longer disappear from a full hotbar after milking a cow.
  • Fixed inventory and player icons for Exploration Maps.
  • Befehl /replaceitem will now work with the off-hand slot.
  • MCPE-21142 You can again craft dispensers using the Pocket UI.
  • MCPE-20960 Vexes will still have their swords when you reload a world.
  • Fixed melon slices so they don't turn into more melons.
  • Ender crystal explosion is now data driven for added world security.
  • Copying a block now places the copied block in the empty item slot when holding an item in hand and having an empty slot in the hotbar.
  • Fixed a crash when clicking on the Sign in for Free button while trying to download game music.
  • Download of Redstone Mansion now updates the action button properly.
  • Panoramas now load properly.
  • All players can now ride mounts when it is on a lead, not just the owners.
  • Befehl /locate village command now returns coordinates of the nearest village.
  • All Resource packs should now be displayed in the Global Resource list, both in the settings menu & create world menu.
  • Players are again able to push mobs into minecarts & boats.
  • MCPE-19535 Blazes should no longer be able to one-hit kill players with a small fireball.
  • MCPE-19361 Befehl /fill command changes should now be saved.
  • Text in buttons in the Realms update screen should now be properly aligned.