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February 25, 2017

Build für




Alpha (also known as 1.0.4 build 2) is the second and final build version released for 1.0.4.[1]


  • Added the Storage screen in Settings to manage worlds, resource packs, and behavior packs
  • Music and sounds can now be changed using resource packs
  • Custom Texts will now work in Add-Ons without restarting the game


  • Addition of CDN to reduce game file sizes
  • Added low render distance options for older devices
  • Husk can no longer be remodelled due to a bug
  • Must have two separate UUID's for add-on to work


  • MCPE-17951 Field of View will now increase properly when sprinting and Field of View is set to max in the settings
  • MCPE-20012 Villagers will no longer do farming work if they're not a farmer
  • MCPE-20038 Villagers have become chattier when trading
  • MCPE-20022 Cured zombie villagers will now receive a job and have things to trade
  • MCPE-20002 Villagers will no longer walk away while trading
  • MCPE-12886 Reloading a world will no longer turn thunder and rain into just rain
  • MCPE-17443 Fixed the placement of health and armor on the HUD
  • MCPE-16194 "DIAMONDS!" and "Body Guard" achievements will now properly unlock in Survival mode
  • MCPE-19817 Middle mouse clicking on a leaf block will always give you the right type of leaf now
  • MCPE-17601 Ghasts will no longer spawn in tiny spaces
  • MCPE-18427 Fixed a drop in performance when holding a Map
  • MCPE-20061 Fixed texture overlapping with Enchanted Books when trading with Villagers
  • Achievements will no longer unlock in Survival if Behavior Packs are used
  • Chorus Plants will now fully break above the part that it was broken
  • The game no longer needs to be restarted before a shader pack is applied
  • If there is a problem with an Add-On's manifest when imported, the warning message will now appear properly
  • The host will no longer crash when another player accepts a resource pack while joining a game
  • Resource packs are no longer duplicated when a dependent resource pack is added before a behavior pack
  • Fixed crashes when using Anvils, Brewing Stands, and Furnaces
  • Fixed Gear VR worlds and Android worlds not showing up in each other's world list
  • Fixed a crash when using Elytra
  • Villagers are less greedy and will no longer immediately pick up items thrown at them
  • Villagers are even less greedy and will now throw food for other Villagers
  • Fixed a crash when importing a duplicate resource or behavior pack
  • Fixed items sticking around in Item Frames after being destroyed
  • Enchantments can now be seen on items before a trade is made with Villagers
  • Various texture fixes
  • Fixed graphical issues with HUD Add-Ons showing the player
  • Armor will render properly in worlds that no longer have resource packs applied