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7. Dezember 2016

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Alpha (auch bekannt als 1.0.0 build 4) ist die vierte Build-Version für 1.0.0, auch bekannt als das Ender Update.[1]



  • Shulkerschalen
    • Haben keine Funktion. Sie wurden hinzugefügt, damit Spieler diese sammeln können, bis ein zukünftiges Update Shulkerkisten hinzufügen wird.[2]



  • Das Spiel sollte viel schneller starten und/oder nicht an einem schwarzen Bildschirm hängen. (nur Android).


  • Redstone macht jetzt wieder rote und nicht mehr weiße Partikel, wenn es zerstört wird.
  • Die Symbole von Chorusfrucht und Choruspflanze wurden verbessert.
  • Glas sollte wieder korrekt erscheinen.



  • Shulker wurden behoben, nun wird natürliche Rüstung statt Absorption angewandt.
  • Silverfish's spawning behavior tweaked so it matches other versions.
  • Rabbits no longer spawn exponentially in icy biomes.
  • Polar bears don't sink into the snow as often anymore.
  • Shulkers now drop shulker shells.

Generated Structures[]

  • Tweaked igloos to use the correct ice blocks.


  • Fixed redstone repeaters so they don't fire too quickly.
  • Fixed an issue with pistons so they do not activate when adjacent to an unpowered block that is adjacent to a power source.
  • Baby villagers now appear as grownup villagers when they grow up.
  • Players no longer take damage due to lag when they move up or down.
  • Strays again have a 50% chance of dropping an Arrow of Slowness upon death.
  • Paintings now work correctly and don't crash the game.
  • Items in the Pocket Edition crafting screen that don't have the ingredients in the inventory show up again.
  • Fixed a crash when looking at the panorama after coming from the world template screen.
  • Fixed an issue where a player could respawn on the corner of a block rather than the center.
  • Befehl /tp or Befehl /teleport commands work again as expected.
  • Fixed a bug where players would sometimes regain experience levels that they had before they died.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Store to get stuck on the loading screen (Kindle Fire only).
  • Hoppers only pull in items from above them now.
  • Items a player picks up will now not move items to the hotbar if it would combine in the player's inventory.
  • Game no longer crashes if a player's spawn position is at the top of the world.
  • Fixed the constant block highlight flickering again.
  • Shulker projectiles now emit sound when launched or exploding.
  • Chorus plants and chorus fruit now have the correct sounds when placed and destroyed.
  • Swords enchanted with Looting no longer cause an invalid item to drop occasionally, which would crash the game when the item was picked up.
  • Fixed a pack import case where a .zip contained a folder containing the pack.
  • Endermen no longer teleport after death.
  • Iron golems no longer drown.
  • Players removed from a Realms whitelist who are in the Realm world are now always kicked from the world.
  • Trees that grow to full size from saplings are no longer invisible (Realms only).
  • Arrows of Harming no longer bounce off of mobs.
  • Fixed crashes that occurred when importing some texture packs.