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v0.8.0 alpha build 5

Pocket Edition




November 29, 2013

Build für

Alpha 0.8.0



v0.8.0 alpha build 5 is the fourth build version released for Alpha 0.8.0.



  • Grass Blocks now spawns tall grass when used with bonemeal
  • Pumpkin and melon stems only grow by one when fertilized
  • Flowers now spawn other flowers when bone meal is used
  • Flower position is now randomized
  • Bone meal now grows sugar canes to max height
  • Minecart now ride smoother


34 bugs fixed

  • Jungle leaves texture
  • White wool texture
  • TNT making chests and signs black
  • Player having multiple legs in minecarts (when wearing armor)
  • Flint and steel had durability in Creative
  • Eating spawning the wrong food particles
  • Clients gets the correct items while spawning in creative
  • Suffocation is now correctly rendered
  • Eating animation
  • Entities received sky light while indoor
  • Blocks were highlighted while in menus
  • Sheep had black artifacts on legs
  • Lava replaced stillwater without creating stone
  • Clouds were not changing color fast enough
  • The breaking blocks cracks where to bright
  • Creepers were too small
  • Some additional memory issues
  • Fixed GUI issues

From the 0.8.0 development versions

  • MCPE-5730 - Extreme Lag underwater
  • MCPE-5808 - Water can't break carpet
  • MCPE-5817 - falling sand causes dropped item discoloration
  • MCPE-5822 - Creepers move to slowly
  • MCPE-5834 - Stairs placement on snow
  • MCPE-5897 - igniting tnt on creative crashes the game
  • MCPE-5899 - what I expected to happen was to place any wood slabs un upper position what actually happened was that any wood slab u place in upper position will make the slab look loke jungle slap
  • MCPE-5934 - Lava lake bug.
  • MCPE-5935 - Upside Down Tools
  • MCPE-5947 - you fall when you destroy the minecart
  • MCPE-5977 - visual glitch in furnace
  • MCPE-5997 - while under water the rest of water is transparent .
  • MCPE-6063 - Duplicate Bone Meal
  • MCPE-6133 - Mob Bug

From the previous development version