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v0.8.0 alpha build 3
Pocket Edition 0.8.0 build 3.jpg

Pocket Edition




November 26, 2013

Build für

Alpha 0.8.0



v0.8.0 alpha build 3 is the second build version released for v0.8.0.




  • Spiders are way slower
  • Carrots, potatoes and beetroot seeds now drop from grass blocks when tilled with a 1/15 chance each
  • Remade painting rendering, which was completely forgotten
  • Thrown eggs now spawn baby chickens
  • Rails are now dropped when the tile they rest on is destroyed
  • Changed the flow of Inventory → Armor / Crafting screens so that back goes back to Inventory


46 bugs fixed

  • Fixed sheep not being dyable
  • Fixed bedrock having randomly rotated texture
  • Paintings have no shadows anymore
  • Fixed flint and steel having durability in creative
  • Fixed redstone dust color
  • Fixed sandstone slab textures

From released versions before 0.8.0

From the previous development version

  • MCPE-5727 - Graphics don't properly reload after apps is resumed
  • MCPE-5740 - Minecarts crash when they are destroyed
  • MCPE-5743 - All wooden slab appears as jungle wooden slab
  • MCPE-5745 - spiders are too fast
  • MCPE-5750 - Inventory items invisible
  • MCPE-5756 - Crash when Minecraft says saving chunks
  • MCPE-5757 - when I hit pig the screen messes up
  • MCPE-5758 - My world seems stuck at midday
  • MCPE-5759 - Black world after throwing eggs!
  • MCPE-5765 - The armor gui is really bad, like, its all glitched
  • MCPE-5766 - Crash when TNT blows a minecart
  • MCPE-5773 - Chests gray out
  • MCPE-5777 - Spruce slabs revert to oak
  • MCPE-5781 - When you place a sideways wood block, destroy, and pick it up, it shows up as its own item. When you try to craft with it, it crashes the game. (Survival only)
  • MCPE-5784 - Sword Corner
  • MCPE-5802 - Sword PNG
  • MCPE-5803 - Clouds
  • MCPE-5832 - Reloaded Minecart is not rendered
  • MCPE-5837 - Unable to open world when left with a moving minecart
  • MCPE-5840 - Crash with side ways blocks
  • MCPE-5845 - Sign is invisible
  • MCPE-5851 - Placing sideways logs then breaking them stay that way
  • MCPE-5852 - Armor menu no steve
  • MCPE-5853 - CRASH!
  • MCPE-5858 - The mobs are moving too slow
  • MCPE-5902 - Crafting table graficul glitch
  • MCPE-5933 - Lava on Ice causes crash upon contact with the water.
  • MCPE-5962 - Box problems
  • MCPE-5979 - Golden shovel appears as diamond shovel
  • MCPE-5982 - When you put items in a chest they are invisible
  • MCPE-5985 - Thrown eggs are invisible
  • MCPE-6005 - World Won't Open after Placing Animals on Minecarts
  • MCPE-6018 - When you update from 0.7.6 to 0.8.0 it will delete some worlds
  • MCPE-6028 - The game stuck in saving chunks screen
  • MCPE-6041 - TExture Mapping glitch
  • MCPE-6050 - If you use more than ten times minecart. The eleventh cart will disappear
  • MCPE-6055 - TNT crash
  • MCPE-6056 - View box shows incorrect armor type

From the current version, hotfixed