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Minecraft Wiki
v0.7.5 alpha

Pocket Edition


Android – September 4, 2013
iOS – September 12, 2013



v0.7.5 alpha was released to fix some of the bugs and crashes in v0.7.4.



17 bugs fixed

  • MCPE-561 – Placing a cactus next to a door will remove the bottom half
  • MCPE-1798 – Crash while smelting birch wood with charcoal as fuel
  • MCPE-2873 – Incorrect dark leaf texture
  • MCPE-4007 – Armor that is being worn on LAN multiplayer does not save when player disconnects.
  • MCPE-4971 – Realms Reset Function Not Working
  • MCPE-5179 – Trapdoors cannot be placed
  • MCPE-5192 – When typing and hitting enter the game crashes
  • MCPE-5201 – When placing cake/sugar cane the game crashes
  • MCPE-5202 – Double chest can be created vertically
  • MCPE-5210 – Menu button doesn't work
  • MCPE-5211 – Bed crash
  • MCPE-5224 – Buckets no longer pick up water or lava in Creative
  • MCPE-5232 – Wool is not flammable
  • MCPE-5233 – Creepers don't cancel detonation
  • MCPE-5234 – On servers, tools have a graphical glitch when a block is highlighted.
  • MCPE-5237 – Buckets double after crafting a cake
  • MCPE-5435 – Bug in inventory