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v0.7.0 alpha
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Pocket Edition


June 5, 2013



v0.7.0 alpha was a major update to Minecraft: Pocket Edition that was released on June 5, 2013. It added notable features such as Pocket Edition Realms, buckets and spawn eggs, as well as other changes and fixes.



Blocks and Items[]



  • The size of the circle that appears when destroying blocks is adjustable along with the adjusting the D-pad size.
  • Connecting players inventory is now saved on server.
  • Revamped Menus
    • New title screen with Play, Play on Realms and Options buttons.
      • In the Play section you can play in your world locally.
      • In the "Play on Realms" section you can play online by creating or joining a Pocket Realms server (you have to be invited by the host).
    • The Options section, which can also be accessed in-game, and has four subsections.
      • Game
        • In-game username, difficulty (peaceful or normal are the only options at the moment), 3rd person view & local server multiplayer
      • Controls
        • Sensitivity, invert Y-axis, lefty, play with touch, D-pad size, split controls & vibrate when destroying blocks
      • Graphics
        • View distance, fancy graphics, beautiful skies, animated water, smooth lighting, & hide GUI (The equivalent of pressing F1 in Java Edition)
      • Sound
        • Volume
    • Not all options are available on all devices

Blocks and items[]

  • Lava texture is now animated.


10 bugs fixed

  • MCPE-131 – Dyes sometimes show up as the wrong color when holding in hand.
  • MCPE-173 – no water animation (iOS).
  • MCPE-381 – Bows aren't destroyed after taking maximum damage.
  • MCPE-404 – Can't enter seed on T-mobile G2.
  • MCPE-1212 – Torch placement is incorrect.
  • MCPE-1296 – Breaking a door destroys or duplicates it.
  • MCPE-1366 – Crash when TNT blows up Paintings.
  • MCPE-1683 – Multiplayer: crash when player 1 breaks a sign as player 2 is writing on it.
  • MCPE-1895 – Dashes go beyond world name if unnamed.
  • MCPE-1896 – Cannot see what seed is being entered.


  • There is a developer version of 0.7.0, which is version 0.6.2.