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Pocket Edition


January 30, 2013



v0.6.0 alpha was a major update to Minecraft: Pocket Edition that was released on January 30, 2013. It added features, such as baby animals, clouds, new Nether-related blocks and items as well as other changes.

Android 2.1 and 2.2 are no longer supported in this version; v0.6.0 requires Android 2.3 or later. Users running Android 2.1 and 2.2 will only be able to play older versions of Pocket Edition.



  • The sky and clouds (appearance varies between fast and slow devices).
  • Improved D-pad.
    • Design is squared and not rounded.
    • When in flight mode, there is a "wing" icon on the jump button.

Blocks and items[]

Nether Bricks
Block of Quartz
Chiseled Quartz Block
  • Creative only.
Pillar Quartz Block
  • Creative only.
Cracked Stone Brick
  • Creative only.
Mossy Stone Brick
  • Creative only.
Bedrock-exklusiv: Stonecutter
Chiseled Sandstone
Smooth Sandstone
  • Sandstone Slab
  • Stone Bricks Slab
  • Slabs can now be placed in up position (needs testing on small screens)
  • Applying process is similar to smelting: choose from armor on the left and see a preview of the player on the right.
Nether Brick
Nether Quartz
Upside-down stairs, corner stairs

Sand and gravel
  • Are affected by gravity.


Baby animals
  • Baby animals only spawn in new worlds.



  • The fog and sky color now is blue instead of grey.
  • When holding a slot in the hotbar, to toss an item out, the frame of the bar turns green as well.
  • For some Android devices only: the way to go to the pause menu, is to use (◀) instead of (|=|).

Blocks and items[]

  • Dyes can be crafted, except black (ink sacs) and brown (cocoa).
  • Recipes for crafting slabs give 6 slabs instead of 3.
  • Nether Reactor spawns Netherrack instead of obsidian at the Nether spire.
  • The Nether Reactor now spawns more items.
  • Melons can now be crafted with 9 melon slices.



19 bugs fixed

  • MCPE-19 - Still no fix on Tablet (first Galaxy Tab Froyo firmware 2.2) Survival = Creative and Creative = Survival
  • MCPE-143 - Doors, trap doors and ladders does not drop correctly in survival when adjacent to destroyed blocks
  • MCPE-356 - Blocks placed where ice was don't show up in multiplayer
  • MCPE-406 - Drowning on water
  • MCPE-526 - Other players can't see the hand shaking animation
  • MCPE-581 - Two stone bricks in creative menu
  • MCPE-591 - No description for Paintings or Glowstone
  • MCPE-592 - Watermelons grow back nearly instantly
  • MCPE-603 - Watermelon icon red background
  • MCPE-612 - Melon seeds have pumpkin seed sprite
  • MCPE-613 - Paintings deflect arrows
  • MCPE-642 - Cactus can't grow on sand block near water
  • MCPE-668 - Charging the bow breaks pictures
  • MCPE-717 - 1 melon stem can produce 2-4 melons
  • MCPE-722 - Torches when placed underwater do not drop
  • MCPE-779 - Paintings cannot be destroyed with L button (Xperia Play)
  • MCPE-883 - Wrong sugarcane drop from the reactor and creative mode
  • MCPE-1162 - Pixel disappearing bug