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v0.4.0 alpha
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Pocket Edition


Android, iOS - September 6, 2012
FireOS - September 13, 2012



v0.4.0 alpha was a major update to Minecraft: Pocket Edition that was released on September 13, 2012. It added notable features such as chests, beds, TNT, creepers, new food, and farming items. This update was also the first public release for Fire OS, as well as other changes and fixes.[1]




  • Peaceful difficulty option for Survival; without monsters and does have automatic healing.

Blocks and ItemsBearbeiten


  • Added crafting recipes to some blocks:
  • Hoe
    • Wheat seeds are obtained by using hoe on grass blocks
  • Moss Stone
    • Now available in the creative inventory.
  • Redstone Ore
    • Now available in the creative inventory.
  • White Wool
    • Now available in the creative inventory.
  • Trapdoor
    • Now available in the creative inventory.




  • Lengthened the daytime
  • Limited the total number of a given mob type.
  • When using an item, the player’s movement speed is decreased.

Blocks and itemsBearbeiten

  • Snowballs can now be thrown.
  • The player no longer has infinite bricks, glass and shears.



15 bugs fixed

  • Monsters could spawn indoors.
  • Added fall damage for clients.
  • Players could hit each other far away.
  • Incorrect bow rendering in third person view.
  • Missing particles after critical arrows
  • Stairs reverted to their basic blocks when destroyed
  • Charging the bow could destroy certain blocks (flowers, torches), or interact with blocks.
  • The game crashes if the player is killed while having charging a bow.
  • Connecting players could die in Creative mode.
  • Dark leaves sometimes have crafting table texture.
  • Wrong crafting table size for Xperia Play
  • Bow doesn't take damage when used.
  • Non-dark brown tree trunks are now added back to the game (you may need to start a new world as host).
  • Destroying a door could leave half a door.
  • Missing spider death sound on iOS.


v0.4.0j alpha[2] was released with unknown changes.


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