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Alpha 0.16.0 build 1

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August 29, 2016

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Alpha 0.16.0



Alpha 0.16.0 build 1[1] (also known as Alpha[2]) is the first build version released for Alpha 0.16.0, also known as the Boss Update.



  • Ability to customize keyboard controls.
  • Added search tab to creative inventory (Win 10 only).
  • Added mouse UI sensitivity slider in VR options (Win 10 Rift only).
  • New UI for options menu.
  • More options.
  • Music option
  • Bedrock-exklusiv: Toggle Crouch.
  • Added warning before exit the game.


World Generation[]

  • Ocean monuments


  • Sea Lantern
  • Prismarine
  • Wet Sponge
  • Border block
    • A red block that has a block model similar to cobblestone wall.
    • Can only be broken using commands.
    • Invisible blocks possibly appear on top and bottom of the border block, and they are unbreakable.
      • Will break if the border block is broken.
    • Can be obtained using Befehl /give.
      • Obtained item doesn't do anything.
    • Can be placed using Befehl /setblock.
    • Red particles appear on top of the block and fly upwards.
  • Chalkboard
    • Has unused item form textures.
    • Is listed in autocomplete of Befehl /setblock as 2D Wooden Planks icon.
    • Can only be placed using Befehl /setblock. However, it says Block placed but actually nothing will be placed.





  • Performance improvements.
  • Skin picker no longer shows the silhouette of the skins behind it when choosing a custom skin.
  • Tweaked mouse sensitivity for vertical vs. horizontal motion in UI in Rift (Win 10 Rift only).
  • Increased maximum view distance for capable GPUs (Win10 and EDU only).
  • Tweaked the clock texture so it has all the correct pixels.
  • Old world type option
    • Not shown anymore.
    • Old worlds created earlier still can be made infinite.


  • Maps
    • Bedrock-exklusiv: Now have different colors for different biomes.
  • Camera
    • Now has a block form in inventory but placing it spawns the entity
    • Block can be placed with commands like Befehl /setblock and Befehl /fill (Block ID is minecraft:camera)
    • "Take Picture" button now works.


  • Sponge
    • Readded to survival mode.
    • Now can absorb water.
    • Now uses PC 1.8 texture.
  • Bed
    • Now have sound when placed.
  • Monster eggs
    • Added to the Creative inventory.
  • Grass Path
    • Added sounds when making.
  • Furnace
    • Better description (Input, Fuel, Result) for devices that do not use controller input.


  • Squid
    • Bedrock-exklusiv: Added new sounds.


  • To zoom out maps, the original map needs to be placed in the center of the crafting grid.
  • Fixed crashes on some Android devices.
  • Fixed a crash upon world load in Gear VR edition.
  • Frame rate no longer affects the sensitivity of mouse and controller turning in game.
  • Fixed a game crash on FireTV that happened after a few minutes of gameplay.
  • Fixed a crash that happened occasionally when a player would try to access Realms settings.
  • Fixed a connection issue failure with players trying to connect to Realms from Android, Kindle, iOS, or Gear VR.
  • Transitioning from Living Room mode to Immersive mode while riding an animal no longer makes the animal look like it's being x-rayed (Win 10 Rift only).
  • Boats have shadows
  • Fixed a crash when breaking a door near a villager during the night.
  • No longer informs the player when they join a game.
  • If the player is in a game session where they can't invite friends, the invite friends button won't appear in the pause screen anymore.
  • Fixed a rogue pixel on the back of the Cake Maniac skin's head.
  • Fixed x-ray effects when hitting a boat in survival.
  • Water no longer continues to flow from frozen water source blocks.
  • The player can now sprint forever in creative mode.
  • Pressing enter opens the chat window.
  • Opening the chat window and then quickly typing is no longer an issue- no more lost letters!
  • The player won't shake randomly anymore when dismounting a vehicle while they're in a block or closing a trapdoor while standing in its space.
  • Fixed the attack range of hostile mobs when they are in a boat.
  • Baby mooshrooms no longer freeze when the player tries to use shears on them.
  • The player no longer gets immediately dismounted when interacting with horses or pigs while sneaking.
  • Fixed a crash when a filled map is selected.
  • Fixed a crash when opening a crafting table in Creative mode.
  • Fixed some mobs not burning in sunlight.
  • Fixed a bug where an Enderman riding in a minecart could activate a stone pressure plate placed next to a diagonal minecart track.
  • Mobs that die while riding a minecart get removed from the minecart.
  • Blazes attack players based on the host game/server's game mode.
  • Skeletons no longer manage to fire arrows from their sides.
  • Cursor is now fully visible when drawing back a bow and arrows fly according to where the cursor is pointed. (Gear VR edition & Win 10 Rift only)
  • Gray icon representing horse armor & saddle now changes depending on what texture pack the player is using.
  • No more floating torches under ceilings.
  • Nether wart growth textures were off by one stage- now fixed.
  • "Toggle immersive mode" message no longer appears on non-VR platforms.
  • Controller input now recognized in VR even if the VR window does not have windows focus (Win 10 Rift only).
  • The player can now see a pig's health.
  • Fixed some assorted bugs relating to skin, texture pack & full game purchases not being recognized properly.
  • Pressing the Z button to invoke the status effect window now works.
  • Fixed an issue where breaking a bed wouldn't reset a player's spawn point.
  • When riding a pig/horse, the animal's health now displays correctly when the animal is poisoned.
  • MCPE-5272 – Empty buckets can´t collect water when underwater (Creative only)
  • MCPE-9096 – Cannot place beds on top half slabs anymore
  • MCPE-9669 – Creative inventory Mundane potion duplicate bug
  • MCPE-9846 – Mobs wearing armor drop that armor 100% of the time
  • MCPE-11013 – Autojump allows the player to jump over fences and cobblestone walls
  • MCPE-11214 – Player can go through solid block walls and fences using a boat
  • MCPE-11241 – Moving fuel into the furnace draws units from the first stack touched instead of from the one the player taps
  • MCPE-12922 – Water is invisible when the player reloads the world
  • MCPE-13640 – Maps blink red when player take damages
  • MCPE-13802 – Clocks in item frames have extra pixels
  • MCPE-13891 – Hoppers suck item entities only one at a time
  • MCPE-13966 – Mobs do not drop spawned equipment
  • MCPE-14250 – Beds don't make sounds when placing them
  • MCPE-14529 – Boats placed halfway inside a wall shake violently
  • MCPE-14761 – Doors act as tools
  • MCPE-14801 – Furnace texture bug
  • MCPE-15034 – Villagers get stuck facing 90°
  • MCPE-15268 – Blocks are blinking on piston
  • MCPE-15586 – The void below bedrock is a bottomless pit
  • MCPE-15594 – Tripwire not triggered by player in minecart or pig riding, but does for horses and boats
  • MCPE-15696 – Lead turn red when the leashed mob getting hit
  • MCPE-15983 – Using A Bed Whilst Riding A Horse / Boat etc. Does Not Dismount Player
  • MCPE-16529 – Chest UI is not accessible when mounted on a pig, boat or minecart.
  • MCPE-16649 – NPC Spawn egg does not spawn anything unless used in a monster spawner
  • MCPE-16863 – Minecarts and their variants always despawn when they are in motion and the game crashes