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Alpha 0.14.0 build 4

Pocket Edition




February 2, 2016

Build für

Alpha 0.14.0



Alpha 0.14.0 build 4[1] is the fourth build version released for Alpha 0.14.0.



  • Großer Farn erscheint nun auch in kalten Klimata
  • Riesenbaumtaigas Moossteinblöcke sind runder
  • Boote erscheinen nun dort, wo auch hingeklickt/ hingetippt wurde
  • Creeper-Explosionen sind nun deutlich stärker und gleichmäßig in der Kraft
  • Natürlich generierte Dörfer werden nun eine höhere Variation an Professionen haben
  • Übersetzungen erneuert


25 bugs fixed

  • Crash fixed when rejoining a game after the game was suspended
  • Crash fixed when placing an Item Frame above a Chest
  • Crash fixed when the player destroys a torch that is part of a broken pulsar circuit
  • Android's system bar doesn't appear anymore when in game!
  • Fixed various Cauldron synchronization issues
  • Fixed hang up because of infinite loops
  • Boats don't collide with you anymore when you stop riding them
  • Fixed Hopper lighting
  • Mobs now walk normally when put on slabs
  • Items placed in an Item Frame shouldn't retain the rotation of the last item contained in it
  • Hopper Loop clocks now produce the correct ON/OFF signal
  • Red Sandstone now uses the correct sounds
  • Fixed contents of Minecarts being black
  • Clients now consume an instance of the item when placing it in an Item Frame
  • Cobblestone Wall texture is now actually all fixed 100% pinky swear
  • Removed extra black pixels from items
  • Fixed Creepers not exploding if the player is below them
  • Fixed being unable to feed baby ocelots
  • Fixed zombies being harmed by potion of Harming
  • Redstone-powered doors now remain powered after reloading
  • Fix to the Language Screen
  • When destroying a two-parts block, particles will be visible for both tiles on clients too
  • Fixed Double Trapped Chests circuitry
  • Item Frame Maps don't flicker anymore when watched from a distance
  • Redstone wire has less overdraw now