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Alpha 0.14.0 build 3

Pocket Edition




January 29, 2016

Build für

Alpha 0.14.0



Alpha 0.14.0 build 3[1] is the third build version released for Alpha 0.14.0.



  • Maps now start at max zoom because zooming out is too expensive with anvils
    • This is a temporary change until PC crafting is implemented in the future
  • Snow, carpet, and slabs now render faster
  • The hitbox of flowers and similar is not a full block anymore
  • Empty maps now have a "Create Map" button to initialize them
  • Dropper, hopper and dispenser menus now have a scroll indicator
  • Broadcast to LAN is now grayed out during gameplay to indicate that it can't be changed
  • Witches now avoid water unless they have a target
  • Minecarts with chests now drop items when destroyed in creative mode
  • Comparators and item frames now behave more like they do in the Java version
  • Increased door to villager ratio in villages


19 bugs fixed

  • Fixed a crash when removing items from item frames
  • Maps created by clients now appear even if the client is offline
  • Fixed a crash when destroying hoppers and droppers in a flat world
  • Fixed a client crash when attempting to put any item into minecarts with chests
  • Fixed a recipe crash
  • Fixed sensitivity being way too high on some devices
  • Cobblestone wall side textures are squashed (still broken at the top)
  • Fixed player pointers not appearing on item frame maps
  • Enchanted item glow is less bright
  • Enchanted tinted armor is colored correctly
  • Enchanted glow didn't animate
  • Clients in other dimensions aren't brought back to the Overworld anymore after the host is restarted
  • Hoppers won't push items anymore if the stack max size is reached
  • Sound reproduction on iOS should now use less power
  • Mobs don't flicker on fire when it's daytime and when they are in water
  • Chests actually close in multiplayer
  • Fixed levitating minecarts on rails in mesa biomes
  • Fixed normal sand crafting into red sand
  • Equipping two different mob head in succession doesn't destroy the previous head anymore