Pocket Edition Alpha 0.14.0 build 2

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Alpha 0.14.0 build 2

Pocket Edition




January 27, 2016

Build für

Alpha 0.14.0



Alpha 0.14.0 build 2[1] is the second build version released for Alpha 0.14.0.




20 bugs fixed

  • Item frames no longer disappear or corrupt when suspending the app
  • Anvils no longer require or consume experience while in creative
  • Cauldron potion particles are no longer black
  • Pumpkin helmet overlays no longer mess up after changing UI scale
  • Fixed a potential crash on quit
  • Items are no longer duplicated when thrown into a portal
  • Anvils, furnaces, and enchantment tables no longer duplicate items
  • Fixed lighting of item frames
  • Items in item frames can now be removed without destroying the item frame in creative (though it is still broken in survival)
  • Mob heads are now less weird while riding boats
  • Eggs now correctly break when thrown onto slabs
  • Pixels are more orderly on zombie villager's legs
  • Missing pixels from the leather armor are now back
  • MCPE-11429 – Zombies don't drop head
  • MCPE-12500 – Detector Rail Crashes game when placed on grass
  • MCPE-12512 – Inactive TNT Minecarts Activate After Reopening
  • MCPE-12522 – When an item frame is broken it breaks the block behind it also
  • MCPE-12546 – Dyed leather armor of any color placed in the item frame shows white armor
  • MCPE-12628 – Witch hats too high on head
  • MCPE-12666 – Super charged creepers animation is frozen