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v0.14.0 alpha build 1
Pocket Edition Alpha 0.14.0 b1.jpg

Pocket Edition




January 25, 2016

Build für

Alpha 0.14.0



v0.14.0 alpha build 1[1] is the first build version released for v0.14.0 alpha, and the first build released in 2016.



  • Replaced Pocket Edition start screen with new UI.
  • Update texture of language button.
    • Look more like Windows 10 Edition button.
  • New item rendering system

Blocks and items[]

  • New minecart variants
    • Minecart with chest
      • Bedrock-exklusiv: Emits smoke when destroyed.
    • Minecart with TNT
      • Bedrock-exklusiv: Emits smoke when destroyed.
    • Minecart with hopper
      • Bedrock-exklusiv: Emits smoke when destroyed.
  • Cauldrons
    • Bedrock-exklusiv: Water color can be changed by adding dyes.
    • Bedrock-exklusiv: Can be used to dye items.
    • Bedrock-exklusiv: Can store potions.
      • Will explode if potions are mixed.
    • Bedrock-exklusiv: Water bottles can be used to refill water.
    • Bedrock-exklusiv: Are bubbling when holding a potion.
  • Maps
    • Bedrock-exklusiv: Crafted using nine paper.
    • Bedrock-exklusiv: Compass must be added through an anvil in order to show the player's position.
    • Bedrock-exklusiv: Can be cloned using the anvil, instead of the crafting table.
  • Red sandstone
    • Red sandstone stairs
    • Red sandstone slab
    • Chiseled red sandstone
    • Smooth red sandstone
  • Bedrock-exklusiv: Added Camera back.
    • New texture
    • Now has a interact button
    • Can only be received through inventory editing.
  • Ender pearls
    • Can be only obtainable through mods and inventory editing.

World generation[]

  • Witch huts
    • Bedrock-exklusiv: Cauldron contains random potion.

Creative inventory additions[]


  • JE 1.9 feature: Uses new sounds.



  • Graphics
    • Cleaned up textures
    • Screenshots are full .png files

Blocks and items[]

  • Trapped chests
    • Will now form a double trapped chest when placed next to each other
  • Leather armor
    • Can now be dyed
  • Double flowers
    • Will now spawn their respective items when bonemealed

World generation[]


  • Baby zombies
    • Bedrock-exklusiv: Now have a 15% chance to want to be a jockey. If they want to be a jockey, upon nearing the player or villager they will check for one of the following to mount prior to attacking:
  • Blazes
    • Bedrock-exklusiv: Now glow in the dark
  • Creepers
    • JE 1.9 Feature: Are slightly shorter (1.7 blocks tall rather than 1.8).
  • Enderman
    • JE 1.9 Feature: Drop the block they were holding when killed.
  • Ghasts
    • Bedrock-exklusiv: Now have glowing eyes
  • Magma cubes
    • Bedrock-exklusiv: Cores now glow in the dark
  • Villagers
    • Will now spawn a witch when struck by lightning
      • JE 1.9 Feature: Are slightly taller (1.95 blocks tall rather than 1.8).


67 bugs fixed

  • All clay types are displayed as gray blocks on the map.
  • Double fence gates don’t block user.
  • Player is unable to open minecart with chest and minecart with hopper.
  • Player can’t close the chest window.
  • Crash when a server kicks a player for inactivity.
  • Startup Crash when Texture applied (MCPE Master only).
  • Mechanisms are being powered by redstone dust that is not aligned with them.
  • Building massive world structures can lead to serious performance issues.
  • Crash when a farmer villager runs out of seed to plant.
  • Controller’s D-pad is inactive in brewing stand interface.
  • Backgrounds & buttons in asian languages are too short for longer phrases.
  • TNT minecart explosion on the curve does not destroy rail tracks under explosion.
  • Fixed most issues with chunks being sent multiple times.
  • Fixed server not running in the correct speed.
  • Amount of hits required to kill witch doesn’t vary with weapon.
  • Fixed out of bounds error in Inventory related to linked slots.
  • Player keeps all but armor in their inventory upon death.
  • Skeleton heads don’t look hollow from the bottom.
  • Fence gates weren’t restoring their open state correctly either. Same pattern was needed as DoorBlock and TrapDoorBlock.
  • Characters arms are in weird positions on Kindle and some iPads.
  • The player is not able to open the chest when character stands close to it.
  • Items from bottom half of the double chest disappear when the world is restarted.
  • Missing Feed button when holding any kind of meat in front of untamed wolf.
  • Missing Feed button while holding beetroot and potato in front of pig.
  • No sound of swimming underwater.
  • Player keeps moving after Player opens inventory screen with controller.
  • Slots on anvil not lined up.
  • Minecarts do not stack.
  • The terrain flickers invisible if too many chunks are updated at the same time.
  • Mushroom stew should not be poisonous.
  • The darkening underwater effect fails to occur if the user rides boat into a waterfall.
  • Flickering fence texture when it’s put underwater.
  • Clay generates instead of gravel.
  • It is no longer possible to stack beetroot soup.
  • Can not use colors in chat.
  • Mobs stay aggressive after switching back to creative.
  • Endermen glitching.
  • Fixed door textures.
  • Fixed UI scaling issues.
  • MCPE-7947 – You cannot bonemeal 2 high plants.
  • MCPE-8002 – Animals and NPCs despawn randomly.
  • MCPE-9357 – Invert Y-Axis cannot be turned on when using touch controls on any platform, but works as expected with controllers.
  • MCPE-9378 – Auto-jump cannot be turned off when using touch controls on any platform, but works as expected with controllers.
  • MCPE-9555 – The rain and snow cross the blocks.
  • MCPE-9803 – Korean translation error in 0.11.0 & 0.12.1.
  • MCPE-9866 – Nether portal facing the ocean won't show the water.
  • MCPE-10507 – Tapping D-pad arrows highlights block beneath.
  • MCPE-10664 – Enchantment tables hurt iron golems.
  • MCPE-11086 – All mobs drop nothing unless killed by the player (or spawned or hurt by the player within 5 min of being killed).
  • MCPE-11166 – Tamed Wolves display button Sit or Stand instead of Feed when holding Zombie flesh.
  • MCPE-11274 – Trapped chests do not combine to form large trapped chest.
  • MCPE-11282 – Giant mushrooms are no longer spawned in terrain generation.
  • MCPE-11583 – Milking a cow causes player to immediately drink the milk.
  • MCPE-11585 – Lily pads not generating in Swamp biomes.
  • MCPE-11586 – Ghast attack animation does not appear when Ghasts attack.
  • MCPE-11845 – Opening Menu causes player to stop crouching or sneaking.
  • MCPE-11943 – Trapped Chests Will Not Create Redstone Energy.
  • MCPE-12081 – [0.13.1] Slim custom skin models are titled "skins.customSlim".
  • MCPE-12091 – Dog collars cannot display colors other than white.
  • MCPE-12097 – [0.13.1] Held items do not move along with the arm.
  • MCPE-12102 – [0.13.1] Player's arms do not move from the idle position when aiming a bow.
  • MCPE-12103 – Monsters do not render armor properly.
  • MCPE-12161 – Zombie Pigman hat layer is missing.
  • MCPE-12165 – Mushrooms are not converted into giant mushrooms.
  • MCPE-12330 – Mooshrooms, cows, pigs, sheep and chickens don't panic after being attacked by player.
  • MCPE-12353 – Iron golem suffocates on non-full blocks.
  • MCPE-12451 – No Achievement for Rainbow Collection.
  • MCPE-12594 – Translation error Español (España).