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Pocket Edition


November 19, 2015



Alpha 0.13.0 was a major update to Minecraft: Pocket Edition that was released on November 19, 2015. It added many new features primarily focused on redstone and its mechanics, including redstone torches, levers, trapped chests, tripwire hooks, and more. Other new additions included rabbits, desert temples, and new skin packs.

Upon the release of 0.13, Mojang also released an official redstone-interactive map, which included all the various redstone mechanics included in the update.



  • Client message appearing when attempting to build above level 127.
  • Options
    • Option to disable multiplayer (Available in settings).
  • Particles
    • happyVillager
    • note
  • Skin packs
    • Biome Settlers Skin Pack 1
      • Costs €2.99 or equivalent.
  • Sounds
    • Added new sounds for cows, pigs, silverfish, and chickens.



World generation[]


  • Rabbit
    • Only spawn in forests, deserts, and snowy biomes.
      • Camouflaged to hide in the biomes.



  • Options
    • Multiplayer Game can no longer be changed in-game.
    • Broadcast to LAN can no longer be changed in-game.
    • Broadcast to Xbox Live (Windows 10) can no longer be changed in-game.
  • Graphics
    • Light is now emitted from below the Nether.
    • Removed the Coral material which served no purpose.[1]
    • Hotbar item count is now at the bottom corner of the selected item (if stackable) and has PC text.
    • Game data is now expressed in JSON files (see here for an example).[2]



  • Iron door
    • Now functional.
    • Can be crafted in Survival mode.
    • Updated item texture.
  • Oak door
    • Updated item texture.
  • Redstone dust
    • Now placeable.
  • String
    • Now placeable.
  • Leather
    • Can now be crafted using 4 rabbit hide.
  • Rabbit's foot
    • Now drop from Rabbits
  • Splash water bottle
    • Can be used to put out fires.
  • Arrow
    • An underwater will lose all velocity after a few blocks and slowly fall.


Non-mob entities[]

  • Boats
    • Are now slightly faster than sprinting.
    • Will not deplete hunger.
    • Players can now use items and attack immediately after they stop rowing.
    • Multiple boats now stack on top of each other.
  • Minecarts
    • Multiple minecarts now stack on top of each other.


  • MCPE-5509 – Bubble particles indicating a player is drowning appears in Creative mode.
  • MCPE-6322 – Mobs get stuck in fence gates/walls/fences.
  • MCPE-6910 – Players that break a block without another block behind it, said breaking pauses.
  • MCPE-7980 – Entities and transparent blocks invisible when viewed through clouds.
  • MCPE-8043 – Clouds are not visible when generating new terrain.
  • MCPE-8140 – Monster are not willing to attack players who are in double-tall plants.
  • MCPE-8502 – Masses of lighting updates cause chunks to flash black for a split second.
  • MCPE-8612 – When entering a world, the player would get teleported up a few blocks.
  • MCPE-8669 – Fish button makes the player's pet sit/stand when retrieving fishing bobber.
  • MCPE-8752 – On iOS 6 devices, players who try to use custom skins get an error message.
  • MCPE-8888 – Torches disappear when they are dislodged by water instead of dropping as an item.
  • MCPE-9177 – Incorrect translation according dark oak blocks.
  • MCPE-9569 – Middle click using mouse block swap selection creative mode.
  • MCPE-9593 – Automatic crafting of next recipe when you run out of ingredients.
  • MCPE-9888 – Enchantment table/cobble steps missing.
  • MCPE-9996 – Cocoa pods do not spawn particles when their supporting block is destroyed.
  • MCPE-10035 – Splash water bottles don't remove fire
  • MCPE-10039 – Entering all information onto a server wouldn't cause said server to load up.
  • MCPE-10060 – Grassblock textures when hold in hand were glitched.
  • MCPE-10080 – Wrong sounds are played when placing and breaking an anvil.
  • MCPE-10226 – Skeletons do not run away from wolves.
  • MCPE-10226 – Wolves do not attack sheep naturally.
  • MCPE-10249 – Ladder sounds do not play when a player is climbing up unless said player's feet is touching a block.
  • MCPE-10343 – Game freezing when started.
  • MCPE-10490 – The interaction button can interact with entities through the button.
  • MCPE-10573 – Monster spawners can spawn spiders inside blocks.
  • MCPE-10626 – Stairs not being used properly.
  • MCPE-10655 – Nether Wart blocks randomly become indestructible.
  • MCPE-10766 – Renaming enchanted tool removes enchantments.
  • MCPE-10804 – Sounds from Nether Portals are not there.
  • MCPE-10951 – Players at > Y=128 are set above the spawn point upon reloading the world if above a platform at height limit.
  • MCPE-10974 – Breeding colored sheep does not produce colored offspring.
  • MCPE-11079 – Extra air bubbles appear when entering water.
  • MCPE-11157 – On LAN other player cannot see rowing animation when in a boat.
  • MCPE-11185 – Lag spikes occur in the Nether.
  • MCPE-11192 – Halloween costumes for Chinese traditional translation not working correctly.
  • MCPE-11203 – No tooltip in chest inventory.
  • MCPE-11207 – Additional block UIs can be opened while opening a chest.
  • MCPE-11208 – Opening chests while standing in Nether portal restricts player movement if using mouse & keyboard.
  • MCPE-11223 – Smelting items does not give experience for server clients.
  • MCPE-11272 – Items in crafting recipes are not centeres in their 'box'.
  • MCPE-11298 – Incorrect font sizes are used in furnaces when cooking/smelting multiple items
  • MCPE-11364 – Dyed sheep do not make the same color baby.
  • MCPE-11366 – Villagers render incorrectly.
  • MCPE-11386 – (Creative) Entering Minecart causes player to destroy blocks.
  • MCPE-11454 – All settings in the game reset if the player restarts their phone.
  • MCPE-11628 – Weather LAN not showing.
  • MCPE-11657 – Signs aren't able to stop water blocks.
  • MCPE-11661 – Tripwire activated redstone does not power rails.
  • MCPE-11744 – Crashes upon clicking play on Lumia 950 (10586).
  • MCPE-11783 – Redstone dust on top of (or below) a redstone block will not power the blocks immediately adjacent to the dust unless those blocks contain more redstone dust.
  • MCPE-11819 – Unable to type Ip or Port: glitch.
  • MCPE-11820 – Chest of Cobblestone achievement is unobtainable.
  • MCPE-12050 – Fire can not be broken unless the player breaks the block underneath or use water.
  • MCPE-12144 – German button translation is wrong.