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v0.12.3 alpha
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Pocket Edition


Android - October 22, 2015
iOS, FireOS, Windows Phone, Windows 10 - October 23, 2015



Alpha 0.12.3[1] was released to fix some bugs.


Skin packs[]


  • Description for LAN option changed from Local Server Multiplayer to Broadcast to LAN


18 bugs fixed

From released versions before 0.12.3

  • Tooltip position was incorrect and visibility time was too short.
  • Fixed so controller doesn’t lose its functionality on the death screen.
  • Prevented Mojang logo from appearing sideways on iPhone 6+.
  • Stopped mining strength passively growing, allowing one-hit block breaks.
  • Item from 1st slot of hotbar got duplicated when placed on different hotbar slot from inventory.
  • Controller tooltip (“[X] Tab”) doesn’t overlap in the hotbar in the inventory menu.
  • Player couldn’t use controller’s D-pad to navigate through the inventory menu.
  • MCPE-7829 - Multiplayer minecart reverses course.
  • MCPE-8998 - Dungeons appear with an empty spawner and an invisible chest.
  • MCPE-9633 - Invulnerable Pigs.
  • MCPE-9722 - Breaking blocks in survival instantly.
  • MCPE-9902 - Items not in hand while sneaking.
  • MCPE-9985 - Item tooltips incorrectly function on certain touch devices.
  • MCPE-10253 - Unable to visually crouch/stand in 1st person view.
  • MCPE-10260 - Second skin layer does not show up correctly while crouching.
  • MCPE-10281 - Enchantments on items disappear.
  • MCPE-10512 - Flickering inventory tags.
  • MCPE-10955 - Villagers only spawn with single profession in villages.