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Alpha 0.12.1 build 9

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August 14, 2015

Build für

Alpha 0.12.1



Alpha 0.12.1 build 9 is the ninth build released for Alpha 0.12.1.



  • Particles are no longer dark when inside of a block
  • Snow golems now leave a trail of snow in plains
  • Cactus particles are now correct
  • Centered the result name in the furnace
  • Random seed of worlds now more random
  • D-pad size is now called “Button size”
  • Punch enchantment no longer launches monsters
  • Wither skeletons are larger
  • Villages now spawn with wheat + something else
  • Custom server IPs must be unique
  • Rain is now visible from under water
  • Rain and snow should cause less lag
  • Mobs spawned from renamed eggs have the name of the egg and the names will appear in death messages.


30 bugs fixed

  • Fixed crash when DNS resolving freezes
  • Fixed crash when random chunk corruption
  • Fixed crash when clicking the enchant button
  • Fixed player teleporting inside portal on death
  • Fixed crash on opening the Options screen with controller
  • Gamepad remapping no longer requires restart
  • Keyboard support for navigating worlds
  • Fixed support for local characters with keyboards
  • Player can no longer move items around when dead
  • Zombie villagers now chase villagers
  • Fixed E key closing the anvil screen
  • World name input now allows for arrow navigation
  • Controller button labels are now localized
  • “Button size” option now controls other UI elements as well
  • Fixed pink line underneath armor icon
  • Fixed enderman teleportation sound
  • Arrows no longer get shot when looking at a chest
  • Fixed black square next to player name in menu
  • Snow golem now saves changes to their heads

From released versions before 0.12.1

  • MCPE-7863 - Freezing bug
  • MCPE-8762 - Device thinks that the app crashed when leaving using 'Back' button.
  • MCPE-8833 - Game freezes when loading servers
  • MCPE-9927 - Wolf can not eat rotten flesh

From the 0.12.1 development versions