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Alpha 0.12.1 build 4

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August 4, 2015

Build für

Alpha 0.12.1



Alpha 0.12.1 build 4 is the fourth build released for Alpha 0.12.1.



  • Quartz pillars can now be placed directionally.
  • Trying to connect to old versions of the game will now show an error message.
  • Added recipes for golden apple and enchanted golden apple.
  • Added enchanted books to the creative inventory.
  • Stone Cutter and Crafting Table screens will now close if blocks are destroyed while having it open.
  • Improved controls


18 bugs fixed

  • Farmland is not destroyed when jumping on it in multiplayer
  • Pressing the inventory button did not get the player back from multiple inventory screens.
  • Crafting recipes were wrong in multiplayer.
  • Partial blocks did not work properly in multiplayer.
  • Game crashed when entering the nether repeatedly.
  • When a controller is disconnected the player continues the last action, and other stuff.
  • Players cannot drink potions in creative mode.
  • Bane of arthropods does not deal additional damage to spiders.
  • Furnace displayed blocks that were not in the player's inventory.
  • Sky color is really dark. (Flat Worlds)
  • Left Handed controls option.

From the 0.12.1 development versions

  • MCPE-9441 - Less inventory in 0.12.0 than other versions
  • MCPE-9448 - Multiple crafting recipes appear for the same items

From the previous development version

  • MCPE-9545 - World can be interacted with through the hotbar
  • MCPE-9568 - Crafting an enchanted Golden Apple yields a regular Golden apple
  • MCPE-9646 - Snow golem Bug
  • MCPE-9666 - Can't craft shovels or swords in multiplayer
  • MCPE-9667 - You can not close the inventory with the same button that you open , which could sooner if : P thanks