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Alpha 0.12.1 build 1

Pocket Edition




July 29, 2015

Build für

Alpha 0.12.1



Alpha 0.12.1 build 1 is the first build version released for Alpha 0.12.1.



  • Cross platform play for up to five players between Pocket Edition and Windows 10
  • Controller and keyboard support
    • Can change controls within options.
  • Options
    • Bedrock-exklusiv: Option to reverse the location of the Sneak and Jump button.
    • The jump button has been moved to the right side of the screen.
      • Added a sneaking button in place of where the current jump button is.
        • These are the new default controls.
    • Option to disable the auto-jump feature.
  • Particles
    • angryVillager
    • largeexplode
    • hugeexplode
    • blockdust
    • slime
    • enchantementtable
    • droplet
    • snowshovel
    • Added falling particles.




Creative inventory additions[]

World generation[]




  • Changed game logo
  • Graphics
    • Tinted water - gradient from aqua to dark blue when viewed from a distance
  • Relocated pause and chat button (survival only)
  • Bedrock-exklusiv: Leaves in snowy taigas now appear frost-covered
  • Scrollbar
    • Always visible
    • New texture
  • The player can now swim in lava
  • Sounds
    • Ladder makes a new sound when climbing
    • Lava and Water now have sounds


  • Burning mobs have a sizzling particle effect once extinguished
  • Mobs will now drop experience when killed
  • Zombie
    • Zombies now wear different armor and can hold items
    • Zombies now drop weapons and armor rarely
  • Skeletons
    • Skeletons now wear different armor and can hold items
    • Improved accuracy
    • Skeletons now drop weapons and armor rarely
    • Spawning Skeletons in the Nether have a chance to spawn as a Wither Skeleton
  • Slimes
    • Now have particles when jumping
    • Now drops slimeball
  • Magma cubes
    • Magma cubes and Ghasts now spawn naturally
    • Magma cubes now split when killed
  • Zombie pigmen
    • Zombie Pigmen are now neutral
    • Now spawn in the Nether
  • Villagers
    • Can now open and close doors
    • Can now harvest crops
    • Can now breed
    • Now has angry particles if attacked by the player

Blocks and items[]

  • New inventory icons for boats
    • Now include paddles
    • Different boat types' items now are their respective color
  • Nether Reactor blocks exist, but are rendered useless
  • Foods
  • Snow layers
    • Bedrock-exklusiv: Builds up multiple layers naturally through snowfall
    • Bedrock-exklusiv: Are now affected by gravity
  • Packed ice
    • New texture
  • Dead bushes


67 bugs fixed

  • Touchpad implementation fixed on the Sony Xperia Play

From released versions before 0.12.1

  • MCPE-3671 – You can't get out of lava[2]
  • MCPE-4202 - Sounds on Android devices are incorrect
  • MCPE-5200 - Bug while mining/breaking blocks (Touch and Split Controls)
  • MCPE-6263 - Bow don't have particles in full charge.
  • MCPE-6854 - Auto jump not working with carpet
  • MCPE-6806 - Automatic Flying Bug
  • MCPE-6854 - Auto jump not working with carpet
  • MCPE-6882 - Finger free mining bug.
  • MCPE-6886 - Wrong Crops Sound
  • MCPE-6998 - When tapping the leftmost box in hotbar while walking forward, you walk backwards-left a bit.
  • MCPE-7873 - Baby pigs can pass trough slabs
  • MCPE-7880 - Hotbar size decreases when on split controls
  • MCPE-7878 - Cobblestone generators don't work for other players in Local Server Multiplayer
  • MCPE-7899 - painting de_aztec (or Aztec) does not exist in the game
  • MCPE-7901 - jungle leaves x-ray bug
  • MCPE-7914 - Putting out fire in creative mode
  • MCPE-7921 - Inventory Armor Section Bug!
  • MCPE-7925 - Red Sand Suffocation
  • MCPE-7975 - Burning fuel icon not decreasing when the world is closed and reopened
  • MCPE-7977 - Upper slabs cause top leaf texture to disappear
  • MCPE-7996 - Monster spawners only spawn mobs with data value 0
  • MCPE-8000 - Mesas generate on top of water bodies in Bryce mesa biomes
  • MCPE-8006 - Skeletons arrows bounce off
  • MCPE-8098 - Water and Lava disappear when switching view distances
  • MCPE-8146 - Redstone Ore doesn't give off particles.
  • MCPE-8149 - Heavy shading on water blocks at the world border
  • MCPE-8154 - Mining consecutive redstone ore blocks does not light each block as they are being mined
  • MCPE-8166 - Lava can tick through walls
  • MCPE-8372 - Fishing rod and flying glitch
  • MCPE-8376 - Wrong Magma Cream Name
  • MCPE-8377 - Magma Cubes Do Not Split
  • MCPE-8392 - Lighting glitch when standing under a door
  • MCPE-8412 - Block selection overlay is only visible on one side of a texture
  • MCPE-8422 - Villager professions not showing correctly on client
  • MCPE-8466 - Mob pathfinding considers the void to be a solid platform
  • MCPE-8517 - Dogs (tamed wolves) cannot be healed to full health
  • MCPE-8522 - Falling beyond bedrock into void
  • MCPE-8572 - Baby animals can grow up in fences-type blocks and escape their pen
  • MCPE-8575 - Skeletons Aim is off
  • MCPE-8604 - Zombies think that slabs are full blocks
  • MCPE-8605 - Eating raw chicken gives you hunger?
  • MCPE-8606 - Water can turn lava into obsidian from underneath.
  • MCPE-8615 - View Bobbing Automatically defaults to on after restarting the app
  • MCPE-8628 - Egg shows snowball particles when thrown
  • MCPE-8630 - Fishing bobber (bait or lure) burns forever
  • MCPE-8641 - LAN Mid-Air glitch
  • MCPE-8654 - Wrong text when selecting which model to use with your custom skin
  • MCPE-8665 - Furnaces are facing wrong direction in village blacksmiths
  • MCPE-8676 - Mobs get stuck atop the border wall
  • MCPE-8702 - Baby zombie pigmen
  • MCPE-8707 - Double-tall flowers do not drop items when mined
  • MCPE-8853 - Carpet duplication when trying to place it where it cannot be placed
  • MCPE-8855 - Minecarts Wrong View when riding it down
  • MCPE-8881 - Baby chickens die in boats
  • MCPE-8961 - Cobwebs can't be broken by water
  • MCPE-8974 - After mobs get out of fire, they do not continue to burn
  • MCPE-9062 - Nether Reactor gives wrong message
  • MCPE-9150 - Unable to scroll a newly selected language off of the language menu screen
  • MCPE-9251 - Infinite Boat Rowing Bug
  • MCPE-9254 - Bow glitch
  • MCPE-9630 - No 32 bit support

From the 0.11.0 development versions

From the current version, hotfixed