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Alpha 0.11.0 build 11

Pocket Edition




May 18, 2015

Build für

Alpha 0.11.0



Alpha 0.11.0 build 11 is the eleventh build version released for Alpha 0.11.0.




  • Tweaked the skin packs.
  • Changed the connection indicator to a dot that shows if you can connect or not.


23 bugs fixed

  • Fixed crash when closing server.
  • Fixed crash on joining worlds.
  • Fixed crash on disabling Wi-Fi.
  • Fixed crash on switching worlds.
  • Fixed minecarts and boats for multiplayer.
  • Fishing button now gets priority over the leave boat button.
  • Fixed bug with furnace smelting whilst output slot is full.
  • Selected language is now centered in the language list.
  • Fixed players in creative mode dying by void.
  • Fixed boat riding behavior on reconnect.
  • Players no longer spawn in transparent blocks.
  • Fixed block break speed when under haste effect.
  • Fixed boats’ hitbox so that it doesn’t prevent fishing and breaking blocks while looking down.

From released versions before 0.11.0

  • MCPE-7891 - at (x,0,y), top of the texture of the block shows whereas the sides are invisible.
  • MCPE-7997 - Spawning on the soil above killing place in cave.
  • MCPE-8045 - Mobs can breed when separated.
  • MCPE-8123 - Entities invisible when at/above the height limit.
  • MCPE-8582 - Invisible bottom layer.

From the 0.11.0 development versions

  • MCPE-8394 - Segfault when low memory event fires.
  • MCPE-8421 - Black Screen.
  • MCPE-8457 - Crash when back on MCPE from another app (Multitasking).

From the previous development version

  • MCPE-8452 - Skin packs free skins selection bug.
  • MCPE-8487 - Crash when exiting old type world.