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v0.10.0 alpha build 2

Pocket Edition




October 23, 2014

Build für

Alpha 0.10.0



v0.10.0 alpha build 2 is the second build version released for v0.10.0.



  • Added smooth lighting back on leaves.
  • Smoother depth transitions between swamps and normal water.
  • The "round fog" is now actually round.


28 bugs fixed

  • Added back the cross-hair when using Split Controls or the bow.
  • Fixed a lot of graphical issues when using Fancy on some old GPUs (PowerVR SGX535, SGX531, SGX540)
  • Fixed a crash when rendering minecarts.
  • Fixed a random crash when starting some worlds.
  • Fixed a crash when emitting particles.
  • Fixed disappearing GUI and weird mob bodies when having certain items on screen.
  • Fixed missing sides on slabs.
  • Fixed signs text showing through walls.
  • Fixed items having an incorrect lighting.
  • Fixed items blinking white when next to a blinking TNT.
  • Items no longer push you when falling.
  • Fixed an issue with 3rd person camera not raycasting through non solid blocks.
  • Fixed arrows getting stuck on non solid blocks.
  • Fixed falling tiles getting stuck on torches.
  • Fixed mineshafts spawning a ton of wooden platforms if discovered at night.
  • Fixed mushrooms appearing in deserts at night.
  • Fixed black lines on torches.
  • Mooshrooms now consume bowls when "milked".
  • Fixed a possible crash when falling under the world.
  • Bed undersides now have the correct texture.
  • Fixed Mob Spawner particles.
  • Fixed damage bars in inventories.
  • Water in dark places doesn't have bright borders anymore.
  • Fixed water transparency under lily pads in swamps.
  • Glass blocks don't have flickering faces between each other anymore.
  • Fixed colors of vines.
  • Baby animals are now able to swim without sinking.
  • Fixed weird water colors when placing blocks on deep water.