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v0.10.0 alpha build 1

Pocket Edition




October 17, 2014

Build für

Alpha 0.10.0



v0.10.0 alpha build 1 is the first build version released for v0.10.0.



  • Upgraded the rendering system to use OpenGL ES 2.0 (coming from 1.1), using OpenGL 3.0 where available.
  • Ported tinted lighting from Java Edition.
  • Ported the round fog from Java Edition.
  • Some performance increase on most devices.
  • Mesa biomes have gold at every elevation and can spawn mine shafts on the surface.
  • Added dust particles falling from unstable gravel and sand.
  • Added more wood types for fences and gates.
  • Added adjustable brightness (gamma) setting to adjust the darkness of dark terrain.
  • iOS: Added a 64-bit build for compatible iOS devices.


  • New double-sided lighting on entities and clouds that's more coherent with the terrain.
  • Enabled mipmaps on Android devices supporting GLES 3.0.
  • New water shader.
  • Water is now brownish in swamps.
  • Faster rebuilding of chunks.
  • Added smooth lighting on water and smooth color transitions.
  • Huge mushrooms now spawn in swamps.
  • Ignore swipes from outside the screen so exiting fullscreen/activating Control Center doesn't turn the view.
  • The selection overlay on vines/tall grass now has the correct shape.
  • Added a selection overlay on Chests and Signs.
  • The error messages when a World can't be opened are now more informative about what happened.
  • Enabled Day/night cycle in Creative.


13 bugs fixed

  • Fixed a crash when rendering Mob Spawners.
  • iOS: Fixed freezing when receiving a notification/showing the Control Center.
  • iOS: Fixed a crash/memory leak happening when showing the system keyboard - signs and the chat.
  • Android: fixed a corruption and possible crash when switching apps.
  • Fixed the "spawning in the air" bug.
  • Fixed a crash when creating lava during world generation.
  • Water now pushes things
  • Fixed a white artifact on torches held in hand.
  • Fixed holes appearing in the clouds.
  • Fixed a brown artifact appearing on the bottom of Minecarts.
  • Fixed a random crash in multiplayer.
  • Fixed a possible crash when selecting double chests.
  • The time of day is now more accurately synced in multiplayer.