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Dies ist eine Liste von Pocket Edition Alpha 0.10.0 Entwicklungsversionen.

Alpha 0.10.0 build 1

v0.10.0 alpha build 1 is the first build version released for v0.10.0.


  • Upgraded the rendering system to use OpenGL ES 2.0 (coming from 1.1), using OpenGL 3.0 where available.
  • Ported tinted lighting from Java Edition.
  • Ported the round fog from Java Edition.
  • Some performance increase on most devices.
  • Mesa biomes have gold at every elevation and can spawn mine shafts on the surface.
  • Added dust particles falling from unstable gravel and sand.
  • Added more wood types for fences and gates.
  • Added adjustable brightness (gamma) setting to adjust the darkness of dark terrain.
  • iOS: Added a 64-bit build for compatible iOS devices.


  • New double-sided lighting on entities and clouds that's more coherent with the terrain.
  • Enabled mipmaps on Android devices supporting GLES 3.0.
  • New water shader.
  • Water is now brownish in swamps.
  • Faster rebuilding of chunks.
  • Added smooth lighting on water and smooth color transitions.
  • Huge mushrooms now spawn in swamps.
  • Ignore swipes from outside the screen so exiting fullscreen/activating Control Center doesn't turn the view.
  • The selection overlay on vines/tall grass now has the correct shape.
  • Added a selection overlay on Chests and Signs.
  • The error messages when a World can't be opened are now more informative about what happened.
  • Enabled Day/night cycle in Creative.


13 bugs fixed

  • Fixed a crash when rendering Mob Spawners.
  • iOS: Fixed freezing when receiving a notification/showing the Control Center.
  • iOS: Fixed a crash/memory leak happening when showing the system keyboard - signs and the chat.
  • Android: fixed a corruption and possible crash when switching apps.
  • Fixed the "spawning in the air" bug.
  • Fixed a crash when creating lava during world generation.
  • Water now pushes things
  • Fixed a white artifact on torches held in hand.
  • Fixed holes appearing in the clouds.
  • Fixed a brown artifact appearing on the bottom of Minecarts.
  • Fixed a random crash in multiplayer.
  • Fixed a possible crash when selecting double chests.
  • The time of day is now more accurately synced in multiplayer.

Alpha 0.10.0 build 2

v0.10.0 alpha build 2 is the second build version released for v0.10.0.


  • Added smooth lighting back on leaves.
  • Smoother depth transitions between swamps and normal water.
  • The "round fog" is now actually round.


28 bugs fixed

  • Added back the cross-hair when using Split Controls or the bow.
  • Fixed a lot of graphical issues when using Fancy on some old GPUs (PowerVR SGX535, SGX531, SGX540)
  • Fixed a crash when rendering minecarts.
  • Fixed a random crash when starting some worlds.
  • Fixed a crash when emitting particles.
  • Fixed disappearing GUI and weird mob bodies when having certain items on screen.
  • Fixed missing sides on slabs.
  • Fixed signs text showing through walls.
  • Fixed items having an incorrect lighting.
  • Fixed items blinking white when next to a blinking TNT.
  • Items no longer push you when falling.
  • Fixed an issue with 3rd person camera not raycasting through non solid blocks.
  • Fixed arrows getting stuck on non solid blocks.
  • Fixed falling tiles getting stuck on torches.
  • Fixed mineshafts spawning a ton of wooden platforms if discovered at night.
  • Fixed mushrooms appearing in deserts at night.
  • Fixed black lines on torches.
  • Mooshrooms now consume bowls when "milked".
  • Fixed a possible crash when falling under the world.
  • Bed undersides now have the correct texture.
  • Fixed Mob Spawner particles.
  • Fixed damage bars in inventories.
  • Water in dark places doesn't have bright borders anymore.
  • Fixed water transparency under lily pads in swamps.
  • Glass blocks don't have flickering faces between each other anymore.
  • Fixed colors of vines.
  • Baby animals are now able to swim without sinking.
  • Fixed weird water colors when placing blocks on deep water.

Alpha 0.10.0 build 3

v0.10.0 alpha build 3 is the third build version released for v0.10.0.


5 bugs fixed

  • The game doesn't get stuck on a black screen anymore on devices where it happened.
  • The player won't spawn anymore in the air or under bedrock.
  • Fixed a graphics corruption/crash happening when starting the game with Fancy OFF and turning it on.
  • Fixed flickering terrain and water in the distance on some devices.
  • The game doesn't freeze anymore when going to sleep.

Alpha 0.10.0 build 4

v0.10.0 alpha build 4 is the fourth build version released for v0.10.0.


  • Glass walls have again only one side as in PC
  • The game now limits its CPU usage when in the background


12 bugs fixed

  • Fixed all black screen issues
  • Fixed missing stencil shadows on many devices
  • Removed black lines from torches and flowers on PowerVR devices
  • Fixed excessively close underwater fog with Fancy disabled
  • Slope rails now have a correct hitbox
  • Fixed the amount of dyes obtained from flowers and bones
  • Fixed spawning in leaves
  • Fixed a crash/corruption happening on app switch/reset
  • Fixed a biggish memory leak on world creation
  • Now showing shadows on alphatested tiles (glass, leaves)
  • Chickens don't have a black artifact under their head anymore
  • The brightness of the player in the armor inventory doesn't follow the in-world brightness anymore

Alpha 0.10.0 build 5

v0.10.0 alpha build 5 is the fifth build version released for v0.10.0.


9 bugs fixed

  • Fixed a crash or graphics corruption when underwater
  • Fixed black screen on startup on yet more devices
  • Fixed black lines on the sides of doors
  • Reenabled OpenGLES 3 and mipmaps
  • Possibly fixed some depth precision issues
  • Chat messages are now cleared when switching worlds
  • The game doesn't forget the settings change if quitting before exiting the options screen now
  • Fixed sensitivity lowering itself automatically
  • Destroying a door by removing the underlying block now correctly yields a door item

Alpha 0.10.0 build 6

v0.10.0 alpha build 6 is the sixth build version released for v0.10.0.


  • Walking animations are generally faster and have been tweaked per-animal.
  • Better fog on clouds, starting farther away and following the sky color.


9 bugs fixed

  • Chunks shouldn't fail anymore to be saved.
  • Fixed (again) the black screen problem on Android.
  • Fixed a possible crash on clients when the server quits the game.
  • Fixed growing crops not being saved.
  • Fixed empty chests and mob spawners found in mineshafts and strongholds.
  • Joining a world as a client doesn't reset the spawn position to the login position anymore.
  • Mobs don't disappear anymore on clients if the client selects "Peaceful" difficulty.
  • Clients on "Peaceful" don't auto-heal anymore if playing on a "Normal" difficulty server.
  • The underwater fog now has the correct color in swamps.

Alpha 0.10.0 build 7

v0.10.0 alpha build 7 is the seventh build version released for v0.10.0.


  • The clouds and the terrain are now tinted red during sunset.
  • Modders can now use shader version 300 if they wish to.
  • Possibly made text rendering (especially non-ASCII) much faster.
  • Added back water sounds.


4 bugs fixed

  • Fixed an issue with server discovery.
  • (Android) Fixed audio remaining muted after switching apps.
  • Can sleep again when connecting to a server.
  • The player is now rotated correctly when sleeping.

Alpha 0.10.0 build 8

v0.10.0 alpha build 8 is the eighth build version released for v0.10.0.


1 bug fixed

  • Fixed all characters being broken.

Alpha 0.10.0 build 9

v0.10.0 alpha build 9 (RC1) is the ninth and final build version and first and only release candidate for v0.10.0, as well as the final build version released in 2014.


  • Beds are now easily placed on replaceable tiles like tall grass


5 bugs fixed

  • Fixed number of blocks/items not showing up in toolbar and item panes
  • Fixed crash when shutting down server while client has chest/furnace open
  • Fixed entities in multiplayer, they should now work as expected
  • Door are now correctly updated (when opened/closed) on clients
  • Added back the moving item animation in chests