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24. Februar 2021 is an major update to Minecraft Dungeons released on February 24, 2021, which added the Flammen des Nethers DLC, ancient hunts, the Piglin Merchant, new Verzauberungen, and bug fixes.[1]




Baby Ghast
  • A new pet obtained from the Flames of the Nether DLC.
  • Purely cosmetic and does not attack enemies.
Baby Pig
  • A new pet given out for free to all players to celebrate 10 million dungeons players.
  • Purely cosmetic and does not attack enemies.
Piglin Merchant
  • A new camp merchant who moves into the cave in the camp when the player has obtained their first piece of gold.
  • Trades exclusively in gold, but can offer gilded items.


Flammen des Nethers DLC
  • Now available to the game.
Ancient Hunts
  • A new game mechanic involving the player sacrificing items and enchantment points to create a level.
  • These levels weave in and out of various points in the Nether.
  • Ancient Hunts can contain powerful ancient mobs, which may drop a gilded item when killed. Gilded Items are more powerful and have an extra built-in enchantment.
  • Ancient Hunts are also a source of gold, obtainable from unique chests.
  • New currency obtainable from Ancient Hunts.
  • Used to trade with the Piglin Merchant.
  • Must be obtained in game, cannot be bought.