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Beta: 25. März 2021
Release: 6. Mai 2021

2.2.2529 (Windows), 2.2.2530 (macOS), or 2.2.2528 (Linux), was an update to the Launcher released on March 25, 2021 which adds --disableGPU and --debugGPU command line flags and makes managing the user's profile easier like changing name or skin.


  • Added --disableGPU and --debugGPU command line flags.
    • --disableGPU disables GPU acceleration when running Minecraft
    • --debugGPU shows a window that gives information about the current display settings, which might be useful for troubleshooting and debugging purposes
  • Added a Manage Profile menu item (if Minecraft: Java Edition is owned) that redirects to the user's profile page at the Minecraft Website.
    • It should also make it easier to manage the user's Minecraft Profile (such as changing name) if using a Microsoft Account.


  • MSA sign in window will now automatically be closed when the main launcher window is closed.
  • Tweaked the search bar in installations to look the same as on other pages. The button to add a new installation has moved down a bit.
  • Improved the login screen for languages that have long text strings.
  • Highlighted notes are now only shown in a timed interval. "Two games, one Launcher" is thus no longer shown.


  • Fixed an issue where the launcher would lose track of the Dungeons installation and ask for a fresh installation when data already exists on the disk.
  • Fixed an issue where the installation button for dungeons could become unresponsive.
  • Fixed an issue where Pause and Cancel buttons may be missing after uninstalling and then reinstalling Minecraft Dungeons.
  • MCL-17216 - Window insides keeps shrinking now its transparent.
  • MCL-16924 - Page change animation is not played after switching between Settings tabs for the first time.
  • MCL-17255 - .minecraft can no longer be a symlink.