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Xbox One, Windows 10, Android: November 1, 2018

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Beta is the fourth beta version for Bedrock Edition 1.8.0, released on November 1, 2018,[1] which adds a recipe for undyed shulker boxes and fixes several bugs.



Shulker boxes
  • Added a recipe for undyed shulker boxes.



  • Pandas will now more quickly return to their normal behavior after following a player holding bamboo.

Command format[]

Befehl /gamerule
  • Only players with Operator permissions can use the command now.
Befehl /scoreboard
  • The command to set scoreboard objectives names is now recognized.


  • Fixed several crashes that occurred during gameplay.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when attempting to make a marketplace purchase.
  • Fixed a bug where template text colors could interfere with other UI messages.
  • Fixed the bug that caused items to show the wrong texture after loading a new texture pack. (MCPE-38302)
  • Fixed an instance where a world save could become corrupt and disappear from the world list.
  • Improved performance on some devices with less available memory.
  • Fixed tamed cats having disconnected limbs whilst sitting. (MCPE-38292)
  • Empty monster spawners no longer show fire particles.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when exporting with the structure block.
  • Improved the marketplace search results when using filters.
  • Ocelots' legs no longer levitate when sneaking.
  • Sheep now move their heads correctly when looking at the player. (MCPE-38184)
  • Fixed some missing marketplace pack icons.
  • Adjusted the climbing speed slightly so players no longer experience a flashing screen when climbing scaffolding
  • Fixed several related graphical issues that could occur when resuming the game
  • Optimised marketplace images for certain devices.
  • Fixed witch texture in Elf Islands Heroes World pack.
  • Fixed the husk model in Candyworld marketplace map.
  • Fixed the position of bows held by mobs in the Papercraft Adventure marketplace map.
  • Replaced the missing mooshroom legs in the Adventurer's Dreams marketplace map.
  • Fixed the geometry for ocelots that have custom models.
  • Saddles are no longer invisible in the Adventurer's Dreams marketplace map.
  • Fixed the rotation of the Llama's legs in various marketplace maps.
  • Fixed the head size and position of the Banshee Nightmares in A Nightmare in Candyworld marketplace map.
  • Mobs now sit at the correct height when riding other mobs in the Stranded in Space marketplace map.
  • Fixed models in the CampCraft marketplace world template.
  • Evoker no longer has disjointed arms in the Jurassic Depths world.