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Bedrock Edition




Xbox One, Windows 10, Android: July 26, 2018

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Beta is the fourth beta version for Bedrock Edition 1.6.0, released on July 26, 2018,[1] which fixes several bugs.



  • Adjusted mouse input sensitivity for slower turning at lower values. (MCPE-24677)


  • Fixed several crashes that occurred during gameplay.
  • Cocoa beans now display correctly when using HD Resource Packs.
  • Skin selections are once again saved after closing the game.
  • The amount of fuel in brewing stands now converts from Console Edition worlds. (MCPE-34677)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented sea turtles from laying eggs.
  • Fixed zombies, husks, drowned, and zombie villagers not attacking sea turtle eggs.
  • Fixed certain blocks missing the cracking texture while being broken in Survival mode.
  • Village structures no longer generate with rotated stairs on the roofs. (MCPE-34567)
  • Equipped items no longer disappear after player death. (MCPE-35479)
  • Hostile mobs in boats can no longer attack from every angle. (MCPE-16938)
  • Levers now have a "Use" controller hint.
  • Players no longer clip through blocks and suffocate while swimming. (MCPE-34112)
  • Resource packs once again apply when joining a multiplayer game that has a pack enabled. (MCPE-33770)
  • Fixed inconsistent behavior when Attack/Destroy is mapped to Right-Click on the mouse. (MCPE-23383)
  • Leads no longer flicker when playing in split-screen multiplayer.
  • Fixed the cactus hitbox being displayed too low.
  • Fixed an issue that caused touch screen actions to repeat after touch release.
  • Fixed controls becoming unresponsive after resuming the game from standby. (MCPE-22195)
  • Books can once again be stacked in the inventory. (MCPE-35497)
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to obtain a 'Water' item. (MCPE-28883)
  • Entities following a target entity will now navigate properly over slabs.
  • Slabs with 'can_place_on' tags can once again be placed by players in Adventure mode.
  • Add-ons: 'minecraft:behavior.player_ride_tamed' will now override all other AI goals.
  • Add-ons: 'movement.sway' once again allows mobs to move properly.
  • Add-ons: The "is_biome" filter in the "minecraft:entity_spawned" event now properly adds and removes component groups.