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Bedrock Edition




Xbox One, Windows 10, Android: June 14, 2018

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Beta is the first beta version for Bedrock Edition 1.6.0, released on June 14, 2018,[1] which adds phantoms and barriers and fixes several crashes and bugs.



Barriere.png Barrier
  • Invisible like invisible bedrock.
  • Obtained only through the command Befehl /give <player> barrier.
  • Can be placed in Creative mode
  • They are invisible in Survival mode and Adventure mode.


Phantom.png Phantom
  • Spawns in the night skies if a player hasn't slept in over three in-game days.
  • Bedrock-exklusiv: Drops leather upon death.
  • Bedrock-exklusiv: Sounds are affected by water.
  • Burns in sunlight.



Book and Quill
  • Pages can now be turned using the controller bumper buttons.


  • Menu and inventory tabs can now be navigated using the [ and ] keys (can be remapped in Settings).


  • Fixed several crashes that occurred during gameplay.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when using Pick Block in a spot where a mob just died.
  • Increased performance for menu load times.
  • Fixed water flowing incorrectly from stairs that contained water source blocks.
  • Top snow will now break once it hits water.
  • Fixed received items disappearing after trading a renamed item with a villager. (MCPE-33830)
  • Maps once again update properly when held in the main hand. (MCPE-34169)
  • Players are now able to return to the Overworld if an end portal is on their spawn point.
  • Lowered the volume of the 'punching air' sound effect.
  • Fixed guardians spawning even when mob spawning is disabled. (MCPE-34027)
  • Fixed strays and skeletons having trouble leaving the water to attack players.
  • Food particles no longer gradually change position after swimming and will always come out of the player's mouth area. (MCPE-33984)
  • Observers will now detect changes with droppers, dispensers, brewing stands, farmland, saplings, sugar cane, fire, and grass blocks.
  • Items can once again be crafted from the recipe book while the Craftable filter is disabled and the player only has enough materials to craft a single recipe.
  • Fixed the speed boost given by dolphins being too slow when wearing armor with Depth Strider.
  • Wolves no longer get stuck attacking skeletons that are underwater.
  • Donkeys and mules can now only be ridden by players after being tamed. (MCPE-25737)
  • Blazes now attack snow golems (MCPE-13191)
  • Using the 'Befehl /setblock' command on redstone components will now properly update and power the mechanism. (MCPE-21218)
  • Command blocks now correctly conduct redstone power. (MCPE-33021)
  • Operator permissions are now granted to players when the host creates a world with Trust Player Permissions set to Operator.
  • Buckets now stack properly when getting ejected from crafting output.
  • Experience orbs spawned with the 'Befehl /summon' command will now grant experience to players.
  • The gamepad cursor can now be used to navigate villager trades. (MCPE-33330)
  • Fixed overlapping issues with the dragon head equipped on the inventory screen.
  • The crafting table's output field hover state now matches the field's size.
  • Selecting the output of an uncraftable recipe no longer causes the output item to disappear.