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March 2, 2018

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Beta is the first beta version released for 1.2.13 that mainly fixed bugs.[1] This beta also includes changes and fixes from the 1.2.10 Beta.



  • Friendly fire (PvP) can now be toggled from world options
  • Adjusted vertical look acceleration when using a controller
  • Added menu screen transitions, which can be toggled in Setting
  • Added search functionality to the marketplace to easily find specific content
  • Chunks have been palleted.[2][3][4][5]
    • The game should be less likely to crash due to being out of memory.
  • Server instance thread added[2]


  • Fixed a crash that occurred when converting worlds from Xbox One Edition
  • Fixed a crash that occurred on Android devices due to rendering issues
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when firing projectiles
  • Fixed a crash that occurred due to an issue with redstone torches
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when navigating the Store on low-end and mid-tier devices
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when leaving the End
  • Chunk generation is now prioritized first to the chunks closest to the player
  • The 'Beam Me Up' achievement can once again be unlocked
  • Starting map and bonus chest can no longer be toggled for template worlds
  • The second player in split-screen can no longer die if their personal game mode is set to creative
  • Increased the speed of crop growth and grass spreading
  • Players no longer float above beds while sleeping
  • Vines that don't have a support block will no longer float in mid-air
  • Players can no longer jump out of minecarts using the default jump button if it has been bound to a different button
  • Minecarts no longer collide with adjacent minecarts on separate tracks
  • The map owner's icon is now sorted to the top of the map
  • When elevated, directional blocks now always face upwards, regardless of the player's coordinates
  • Maps can now be held simultaneously in the main hand and offhand
  • Tree branches no longer cut through blocks when grown using bone meal
  • Experience can now be earned from cooking pork chops in a furnace
  • Enchanted apples can once again be found in loot chests
  • Name tags can once again be found from villager trading and fishing
  • Diamonds will now appear in the loot chests of jungle temples and strongholds
  • Players are no longer set on fire when walking on non-full blocks placed next to a lava source
  • Fixed player faces on maps so they no longer turn into arrows when they move too far from other players but will turn into arrows when close to other players
  • Pickaxes now break stone buttons faster than hands
  • Grass blocks will now turn into dirt if grass path blocks are placed above them
  • Fixed creative flight speed being too slow until changing altitude after entering a world
  • Bows can no longer be used to mine while charging and fully charged
  • Extra blocks will no longer be placed when placing a block straight down
  • Players can no longer attack through walls in third-person perspective
  • Increased the hitbox size of soul sand blocks
  • Crops can once again be harvested continuously
  • Fixed villager trade items not being replenished
  • Players can no longer attack others with bows when friendly fire is disabled
  • Glass panes now align to stair blocks
  • It is now possible to sleep when a skeleton horse is nearby
  • Pistons no longer get into a state where they pause, activate randomly, and potentially crash the game
  • Sticky pistons and slime blocks can no longer pull and break comparators
  • Shulker boxes will no longer be dispensed as items if the dispenser is obstructed
  • Burned out redstone torches will no longer reactivate until they receive a block update or are replaced
  • Redstone now correctly powers adjacent blocks
  • Observers no longer visually cut redstone dust
  • Rails will now take block power into account when attaching to other rails
  • Dispensers, droppers, and redstone lamps will now activate properly when redstone dust is placed on top of them
  • Automated chicken cookers using slabs will now function properly
  • Trapped chests with slabs or stairs above no longer powers redstone dust adjacent to the block below it when the chest is open
  • Glazed terracotta can no longer be pushed using slime blocks and sticky pistons
  • Minecarts no longer get stuck when passing through blocks on diagonal rails
  • Armor can now be equipped on an armor stand using a dispenser
  • Reduced the explosion range of creepers
  • Endermen that are aggravated will now take fall damage as they should, no longer breaking ender pearl farms
  • Mob spawners will now stop spawning when there are 6 or more mobs in the vicinity
  • Zombies and skeletons now burn during daytime in warm biomes when it's raining in other biomes
  • Fixed witches not spawning inside witch huts
  • Increased the spawn rate of ghasts in the Nether
  • Increased the spawn rate of ocelots
  • Spiders no longer give up so easily when attacking
  • Parrots will now properly dismount when the player it's riding dies
  • Parrots riding on players' shoulders will no longer hinder block placement while sneaking
  • Parrots will no longer leave player shoulders when boarding a boat
  • Llamas can now be healed by feeding them hay bales and wheat
  • Zombie villagers now produce red particles while being cured
  • Villagers will now breed on converted Xbox One worlds
  • Fixed some villager trades not granting xp
  • Overworld mobs will no longer spawn in the Nether on converted Xbox One worlds
  • Mobs can no longer spawn on carpet
  • Light will now prevent endermen from spawning in the End
  • Mobs will once again spawn when the player is below a height of 30 blocks
  • Iron golems will no longer turn hostile toward the player that spawned them
  • Fixed an incorrect amount of wool blocks that can be dyed in the recipe book
  • Bucket, water Bucket, lava Bucket, and milk have been moved to the 'items' inventory tab
  • The line is now properly connected to the fishing rod and floater
  • Maps are no longer cut off when being held on vertical split-screen
  • Fixed the sound effect not playing when equipping armor from the hotbar
  • The proper sound effects will now play when using ender chests, brewing stands, armor stands, and furnaces
  • Resource packs will now affect the look of the gamepad cursor
  • Rain is now visible through glass
  • TNT ignited by redstone now shows the hopping animation
  • Items held by zombie villagers are now in the right position
  • Undyed shulker boxes no longer flash when being placed
  • End crystal items now have the enchantment effect
  • Jungle leaves now have transparency when held in-hand
  • Fixed a missing piece of the hopper texture
  • Particles left after dragon’s breath attack and lingering potions no longer leave visual artifacts
  • Block breaking animation no longer goes out of sync when jumping or changing tools
  • Smooth lighting will now be changed immediately after toggling in settings
  • Flickering no longer occurs when looking through leaves that are next to snow
  • Slimes now emit slime particles when jumping
  • Sugar cane now has proper biome coloring
  • Fixed missing sound when moving through end gateways
  • Fixed the jumping animation for spiders
  • Fixed floating items that appeared after a player died and remained until they respawned when keep inventory was enabled
  • Fire, cobwebs, and leaves can no longer be seen through blocks at certain distances
  • Chests are now placed in item frames with the proper rotation
User Interface
  • Moving full stacks between containers is once again possible on pocket ui
  • Made it easier to invite friends to games by pressing X on the invite screen
  • Creative menu tabs can now be scrolled using the right thumbstick when the 'hide gamepad cursor' option is enabled
  • Selecting "sync worlds" no longer causes the selected button to dramatically shift up (Xbox One)
  • Removed unnecessary text from map tooltips in the inventory
  • Pressing the screen is no longer offset slightly to the left on Windows 10 Mobile
  • Disabling controller hints will now turn off hints on in-game menus
  • Fixed the creative hotbar not always clearing when X is pressed on the controller
  • When editing a page in book & quill, pressing B on the controller will now quit page edit mode instead of the whole book screen
  • Items can once again be deleted by dropping them into the gray space of the creative inventory screen
  • Fixed some worlds not appearing on the available templates list when not downloaded
  • Fixed the inventory cursor snapping incorrectly when highlighting the off-hand slot and click the left thumbstick
  • Fixed not being able to snap the inventory cursor between the furnace fuel slot and output slot
  • Expandable inventory groups in pocket ui are now titled properly
  • Shift-clicking items into a full donkey's chest will no longer cause the items to disappear
  • Navigating left or right on the templates list will no longer move focus to the top of the list
  • Fixed incorrect items appearing in creative inventory searches
  • Shulker box inventory tool tips are now properly translated to other languages
  • Text fields are no longer cleared when typing the letter "a" after typing any non-ascii characters
  • A loading screen will now appear when applying global resources
  • Fixed chat messages not appearing after signing in to Xbox Live in-game from the Achievements screen
  • The jukebox now has a controller tooltip for block use
  • Fixed a delay in the 'boost' button appearing when mounting a pig with carrot on a stick in hand
  • Fixed lowered frame rate when unfocusing from the book & quill
  • Sea lanterns now appear in the proper category when searching the inventory
  • Fixed double notifications appearing when importing a world
  • Pressing the menu button on the Xbox One controller will now execute quick commands
  • Teleporting entities to or from a ticking area no longer fail to render or be interacted with
  • Players will no longer receive an unknown map when using ‘/replaceitem’ command to place a map in the off-hand slot
  • Items will now be received immediately and correctly when using '/give' command with a chain command block
  • Fixed 'End_gateway' and 'End_portal' having placeholder images in command auto-complete
  • Teleporting a horse while it's being ridden now works as intended