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August 4, 2017

Beta für




Beta (also known as 1.2 build 2) is the second build released for 1.2.0 that fixes bugs.[1]



  • Devices that don't own Minecraft in the Google Play Store can no longer enter the menu screen and play
  • FPS now rounds to the nearest tenth


  • Several improvements to navigating the recipe book
  • Improved performance when scrolling through the recipe book
  • Improved performance when looking at many item frames
  • Improved performance when encountering Blazes
  • Fixed performance issue when holding a locator map while other players are nearby
  • Player faces will no longer disappear from maps
  • Fixed draw distance being limited to 6, even on high memory devices
  • Fixed a crash when crafting fireworks from the recipe book
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when loading into a single player world
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when traveling through Nether and End portals while the inventory screen was open
  • Fixed a crash when using the '/summon falling_block' command
  • Fixed several crashes when disconnecting from games
  • Improved performance of chunk generation after teleporting and at game start
  • Improved performance with oceans by removing dynamic water blocks
  • Hoppers will now only send redstone signals upwards
  • Fixed End Portal textures when viewed at a far distance
  • Commands that target entities will no longer affect entities across all dimensions
  • Slightly lowered the amount of hostile mobs that spawn
  • Bed icons in the command chat now appear correctly
  • Rideable mobs will no longer kick players from their backs when stepping into one-block-deep water
  • Dying with items in a crafting area will no longer persist after death
  • Beacons can now be tinted using stained glass panes
  • Fixed parrots' names not appearing correctly when riding on a player
  • Fixed newly joined players seeing riding parrots in the wrong positions
  • Tamed parrots can no longer be taken by other players
  • Redstone comparators now properly test for valid power sources
  • Comparators will no longer trigger a short pulse when placed adjacent to a detector rail with a minecart on top
  • Fixed the durability bar always staying green on enchantment table, furnace, and anvil screens
  • Lightning no longer strikes biomes that don't rain
  • Mobs can no longer detect players through solid non-transparent blocks
  • Blazes and Endermites will now retaliate when attacked by other mobs
  • Fixed an issue that caused the description to clear in the 3D export screen (Windows 10 only)
  • Fixed missing texture on leather horse armor during 3D export (Windows 10 only)
  • The '/give' command can now give multiple non-stacking items without failing
  • Volume will now change while adjusting the volume sliders and sounds will no longer overlap while adjusting
  • Fixed the item icon for broken Elytra Wings showing as another random item
  • Firework star recipe will now appear in the recipe book while in survival and ingredients will appear in the crafting grid in creative
  • Removed the recipe to craft white wool using bone meal and white wool
  • Colored wool can now be dyed white with bone meal
  • Fixed the item durability bar be dislocated when opening the inventory
  • Light Blue Stained Glass Pane now has a name, so it's not shown as "tile.stained_glass_pane.light_blue.name" anymore
  • The text box will now appear when placing a sign that has been renamed using an anvil
  • Fixed name tags over renamed entities always being visible
  • Using pick block will no longer show the name of the previously held item
  • When using the '/clone' command, overlapping chests and their contents will now be replaced, not merged
  • Vines can no longer exist in only-bottom-side-block position
  • The '/clear' command no longer activates if the conditions are not met
  • Fixed players stopping hitting things if there is nothing to hit
  • Fixed the transparency of the Ender Dragon wings on Vanilla textures
  • Fixed horizontal seams that were visible around flames on burning entities
  • Animals that have been fed an item for breeding can no longer be fed anymore until the cooldown wears off
  • Fixed Silverfish not spawning from Monster Egg blocks
  • Smoothed the animation of falling asleep
  • The game will now launch in the language selected as the default device language with Android OS 6.0 and 7.0 (Android only)
  • Pressing RB will no longer scroll through all skins in the skin picker