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September 6, 2017

Beta für




Beta (also known as 1.2 build 9) is the ninth and final build released for 1.2.0 that added new features and fixed bugs.[1]



Copy world[]

  • New feature ability to copy worlds.
  • The button is now next to "delete world" and "export world".




  • Tweaked Inventory and Crafting Table controls on Pocket UI.
  • Classic UI Inventory and Crafting Table can now be controllable as like Windows 10 Edition on phones again.

Recipe book[]

  • Visibility status now saved separately for inventory & crafting.


  • Tweaked the UI to fit screen devices.



  • Added a per entity type limit that only affects creepers and ghasts so they won't spawn if there's already a certain number in a 5×5 chunk area.
  • Tweaked entity counting to improve performance.

Custom Skins[]

  • Removed upload custom skin button in Xbox One beta until the console platforms complete the work to allow uploading of skins to the console.


  • Changed the highlight slot image and adjusted layering to have it under the item.


  • Items are no longer deselected when the virtual keyboard closes
  • Fixed a crash associated with storage
  • Fixed a crash when the host leaves the session while in split-screen
  • Fixed a crash when traveling through the End portal while the inventory window is open
  • Players can again switch between skins from the same skin/mash-up pack
  • Creepers should always explode now and won't stop exploding just because you hit them
  • Can no longer attach blocks (like torches) to cocoa beans
  • Fixed auto selecting after crafting to select the correct item
  • Fixed some world conversion bugs
  • No more crashes when attempting to use the skin picker with the Korean language selected
  • Totem of Undying now protects you from fall damage
  • Fixed a crash on Win 10 devices running an older Win 10 update
  • Players are no longer transferred back to the play menu when attempting to connect via split-screen in a multiplayer game
  • Fixed a crash when a player loaded a custom superflat world with the player located close to an Ocean Monument
  • Players won't mine blocks anymore when using the touch-and-hold method to use a held item
  • Fixed a crash when a player used an Ender pearl to teleport through an End gateway in a converted world
  • Converted worlds with DLC applied again have the DLC applied when downloaded to another console on the same XBL account
  • Splash text no longer pulses really quickly when cancelling out of a level load
  • HUD opacity now changes to max for ~5 seconds and fades back to what you have set in options after changing hotbar slots
  • Players should now get more correct messaging when blocked on connecting to a partner server
  • Players can now reenter partner servers without having to restart the game (Android only)
  • Drift has been reduced in creative flight mode and players won't drop out of flight by touching the ground.
  • Descending with the right joystick in creative mode is no longer super slow (Xbox only)
  • No more blank profiles on Xbox Live profiles
  • Fixed a crash that occurred after changing players
  • Players again start with items in their inventory in creative mode
  • If the hotbar is full and a player selects a creative item, it picks up the item and moves focus to the hotbar
  • Fixed some chat bugs
  • Off-hand items can be removed again
  • Game no longer freezes on the "saving world" message if the player signs out of their profile while in a world
  • Cake now has a stack size of 64
  • Befehl /execute ... detect now has the right position offsets