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August 17, 2017

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Beta (also known as 1.2 build 6) is the sixth build released for 1.2.0 that fixed bugs.[1] It was later the first beta build released for Xbox One.



  • Custom skins work again
  • Changed several graphics on the Recipe Book to improve navigation
  • Fixed multi-item placing in the inventory when holding right-click
  • Hostile mobs will no longer spawn on top of glowstone blocks
  • Water bottles can once again be placed on brewing stands when using Pocket UI
  • Fixed an issue with scrolling in the skin picker
  • Reassigned keys for Toggle Perspective now work
  • Empty armor indicators will now render on the armor tab of the Recipe Book
  • Performance improvements for the Recipe Book
  • Craftable toggle now appears on all tabs of the Recipe Book in Survival mode
  • 3×3 item recipes now appear in the Recipe Book but have a red background if they are not craftable
  • 3×3 crafting output items will now appear when in Creative mode
  • The crafting output box now shows how many of an item will be crafted in Survival mode
  • Empty Locator Maps can now be crafted with the Recipe Book
  • Maps can now be removed from chests after world upgrades
  • Pressing X while over the search bar will clear the search bar
  • Clouds and water no longer render in front of potion particles
  • Fixed a crash when entering the Storage screen
  • Fixed a crash when opening Settings after downloading from the Store
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when an item was dropped into the Recipe Book in Survival and another item was taken
  • Fixed a crash after pressing Save & Quit after killing the Dragon in the End
  • Fixed world templates not redownloading after deleting until the game was restarted
  • Updated the text for several How to Play screens
  • The "Place" controller tip will now appear when holding a bed
  • Fixed Guardians not applying thorn damage when hit by melee attacks
  • Fixed fishing rod hook animation
  • Controller tips now disappear when Hide GUI is enabled
  • Operators can now change a world's default game mode
  • After importing a template file, the game no longer needs to be restarted for it to show as an available template
  • Adjusted font smoothing in menus
  • Fixed the particle animation for End Rods
  • Armor stands will now burn before being destroyed
  • Armor stands will now change their pose based on the strength of redstone power they are receiving
  • Items will no longer drop from armor stands when broken in Creative mode
  • Fixed reward item always being grayed out on villager trading screen
  • Fixed the alignment of controller tips to no longer overlap the hotbar
  • Banners no longer show a checkered highlight when using a touch screen
  • Banners no longer appear as black in multiplayer
  • Fixed banners facing between south and west not dropping as items when the block they stood on was broken or moved by a piston
  • Graphics settings will now be applied without having to reload the world
  • Buttons on host options will no longer change size
  • Horses will no longer take damage when adding a saddle for the first time after taming
  • Fixed an issue where witches could not use the 'spawn_entity' component with Add-Ons
  • Hostile mobs wearing helmets will no longer burn briefly when they have died
  • Jumping, falling, and climbing stairs will no longer interfere with sprinting
  • Improved messaging when using Befehl /tickingarea remove_all and there are no areas to remove
  • On the inventory screen, touching and dragging will now scroll without selecting an item slot
  • Fireworks will now give proper boost when using Elytra wings close to the ground
  • Pressing the X button while over the hotbar will now clear its items in Creative mode
  • The Nether travel sound effect will now play when exiting a Nether portal
  • Fixed text not translating after changing language settings until the game was restarted
  • Horses no longer clip through players when jumping… or did players clip through horses?
  • Redstone dust can now be placed on Sea Lanterns and Glowstone
  • The paper doll on the inventory screen no longer flips while using Elytra wings
  • Naturally spawned villagers will now have the full range of professions
  • Using Carrot on a Stick to break blocks will no longer decrease its durability