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August 9, 2017

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Beta (also known as 1.2 build 4) is the fourth build released for 1.2.0 that fixed bugs.[1]



  • Clicking the left thumb stick on a controller will now switch focus between Recipe Book and inventory
  • Item Animationen zum Zeigen, welche Items zum Herstellen gebraucht werden zum Rezeptbuch hinzugefügt.
  • Default controller sensitivity has been increased to 60


  • Various improvements have been made to searching and navigating the Recipe Book
  • Das Rezeptbuch kann jetzt benutzt werden, um Rezepte mit mehreren Items herzustellen
  • Further optimized chunk generation and loading
  • The empty map recipe now appears in the Recipe Book
  • Lowered the blast resistance of Nether Wart blocks
  • Snow Golems no longer put their hands up while rotating
  • Map tooltips now load properly after storing them in a chest and reentering a world
  • The XP bar will now update once an XP orb has been picked up
  • Fixed seeing through leaf blocks when the Fancy Leaves option is turned off
  • Texture packs that use the 'flame_atlas' texture that isn't the size of vanilla now work again
  • Glowstone will now show up on maps
  • Fog now appears properly in the Nether
  • Levers, signs, item frames, ladders, paintings, torches, and redstone torches no longer drop if connected to a block in a different chunk
  • Magma blocks now melt top snow and ice directly above
  • One layer of snow can now be replaced with a sign
  • Fixed the Dragon Head item in the inventory appearing pixelated
  • Decreased the size of hitboxes for several items including anvils, piston arms, and single glass panes
  • Only the block being targeted should take damage or break
  • Fixed the breaking particles of End Rods now having the right color
  • Horses, donkeys, and mules will now take fall damage if dismounted before hitting the ground
  • Horses, donkeys, and mules no longer shake when jumping
  • Creepers can no longer stop themselves from exploding after being ignited with flint and steel
  • Villagers will no longer become paralyzed when their inventory is full
  • When cloning a chest next to another chest to create a double chest, the contents will not be erased
  • Droppers can now dispense into another container when that container has all its slots full and the items are stackable
  • Pistons will remain extended upon world reload
  • Fixed the textures of horizontally placed pistons in several texture packs
  • Shulker boxes now have correct textures and orientation in hand and inventory
  • Fixed sugar cane not disappearing when water is removed
  • Can now drop items with the Y button on the inventory screen
  • Fixed Enderman in suit skin from Battle and Beasts skin pack missing an arm and a leg when viewed by another player
  • TNT spawned with a dispenser will no longer explode when the 'tntexplodes' game rule is false
  • Fixed texture borders on banners
  • Fixed the transparency on inventory icons for stained glass, beacons, ice, and slime blocks
  • Opacity sliders now show whole numbers
  • Fixed entity interaction touch screen buttons not disappearing while holding a fishing rod or carrot on a stick
  • Optimized the loading time of player skins
  • Top snow will no longer accumulate on fences, walls, and gates
  • Fixed placeholder text appearing in Video settings (Gear VR and Oculus Rift only)
  • Fixed special characters causing 3D exports to fail
  • Fixed arrows not spawning in Jungle Temple dispensers
  • Run particles of other players in multiplayer now move normally
  • Guardians no longer sink in water
  • Fixed outline selects for several blocks including stairs and gates
  • Loading screen tips will now stay on the screen longer for the optimal reading experience
  • The 'dostartwithmap' game rule will now work properly
  • The 'pvp' game rule will now work properly
  • Fixed the Texel Anti-Aliasing option
  • Fixed incorrect icon for default resource pack appearing
  • Players can now use '/tell', even without OP permissions
  • State of riding animals will now be saved upon Save & Quit
  • Fixed an issue that caused seeds not to stackable in the inventory
  • Minecart with TNT no longer disappears when ignited if 'tntexplodes' gamerule is set to false
  • Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred when loading worlds
  • Fixed a crash when Fire Charges fired by dispensers hit mobs
  • Fixed a crash for the Host when Xbox Live friends attempted to join their game
  • Fixed a crash when rapidly clicking inventory items in Creative mode
  • Fixed a crash when a witch throws a potion
  • Mob Spawners work correctly now and don't despawn their mobs immediately after spawn in some situations
  • Fixed the texture on swords when held
  • Fixed the texture on the bottom of Hoppers
  • Fixed a crash when importing a world or Add-On
  • Slash commands will now recognize and auto-complete names with spaces
  • Auto save icons will now properly appear
  • Using "@e" in a command will now target players
  • Fixed players not going to sleep if someone disconnects from the game
  • Players that join with Trust Players option turned off will now join as a Visitor
  • Das Rezept um gefärbte Schulkerboxen herzustellen, welche schon diese Farbe haben wurde entfernt
  • Fixed missing text about Shulker Boxes on the How to Play screen
  • Parrots sitting on owner's shoulders can no longer be fed cookies by other players
  • Fixed error message when joining a full server
  • Fixed a crash when attempting to craft a Shulker Box
  • Teleporting to an entity on another dimension now uses the right Y position
  • Endermen no longer flash extra red when hit
  • Centered the Sign button on the Book & Quill screen
  • Players can now fly after sneaking while using a controller
  • Tying a mob to a fence while having a placeable item in-hand will no longer make that object appear briefly in the world
  • Endermen will now try to hide during the day
  • Fixed name tags not appearing to something that had already been named
  • Saving the game when a player is in lava will no longer make the world unable to load
  • Pistons, stairs, and chests no longer rotate when pushed by pistons
  • Fixed the cracking animation on banners
  • Using the Befehl /setblock command with concrete powder no longer returns an error message