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Xbox One, Windows 10, Android: 31. März 2021

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Beta is the second beta version for Bedrock Edition 1.16.230, released on March 31, 2021,[1] which adds axolotl and Tiefenschiefer variants behind experiments toggle, and fixes bugs.




  • Currently only generated in blobs below y=16.
  • Has a hardness value greater than that of Stein but can be mined with any Spitzhacke.
  • Drops Bruchtiefenschiefer when mined.
  • Can be obtained only with a Behutsamkeit pickaxe.
  • There are 19 variants in total.
  • Added deepslate variants of all ores, including iron, gold, copper, coal, diamond, redstone, emerald, and lapis lazuli.
  • Takes twice as long to mine as normal ores.
  • Has the texture of Tiefenschiefer replacing the normal stone texture.
  • Takes place of ores that generate in deepslate.
  • Can be used in blasting and smelting recipes like normal ores.
    • These recipes can be unlocked in the recipe book with deepslate ores as well.
Oxidierter Kupfer and Oxidierter geschnittener Kupfer
  • Can now be waxed.


  • Axolotls will spawn underground, in water.
  • Holding a bucket of tropical fish will cause nearby axolotls to follow the player on both land and water.
    • Axolotls cannot be tamed but they can be bred by feeding them buckets of tropical fish.
  • Axolotls will attack fish, squid, drowned, and guardians.
  • Axolotls come in a variety of colours, all with an equal chance of spawning except for blue.
    • Blue axolotls have a small chance of spawning as a mutation when breeding 2 axolotls.
  • Axolotls can survive on dry land for a few minutes. After that they will start to dry out and take continuous damage until rehydrated.
  • When taking damage, there is a chance that the axolotl will play dead. While playing dead, the axolotl will regenerate health and mobs will be unable to target the axolotl.
  • When a player kills a mob that the axolotl was attacking, they are rewarded with the regeneration effect, and their mining fatigue is removed if they have it.
  • Axolotls can be picked up with buckets, like fish.


World generationBearbeiten

  • Deepslate is generated in blobs below y = 16
  • Ore is generated as normal, when ore is generated where Deepslate has been generated, Deepslate ore is generated instead.