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Bedrock Edition




Xbox One, Windows 10, Android: 28. Oktober 2020

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Beta is the second beta version for Bedrock Edition 1.16.200, released on October 28, 2020,[1] which added some of the first Caves & Cliffs features, and fixes bugs.



  • Currently only available through the creative inventory.
  • Entities, including mobs and players, can enter powder snow blocks.
    • Their movement is slowed down while inside, and fall damage is ignored.
    • Powder snow can be climbed similar to ladders or scaffolding. Downward movement cannot be accelerated.
  • Have a slightly different texture than regular snow blocks.
  • When the player is inside the block, a powder snow block fog is rendered around them and an overlay texture is rendered on the HUD.
  • Currently behind Experimental Gameplay toggle (Caves and Cliffs sub-toggle)


Goat Horns
  • Dropped by a goat if it rams into a block.
  • When used for a short period of time, it makes a sound identical to the horn heard during raids.
  • Currently behind Experimental Gameplay toggle (Caves and Cliffs sub-toggle)


  • Spawn in the Extreme Hills biome.
  • Take reduced fall damage.
  • Will sometimes attempt to ram other mobs, including players.
    • The ram target can be up to 16 blocks away, but the ram itself only goes 9 blocks. Goats will attempt to get closer to targets that are too far to be reached.
    • Have a cooldown of 10 to 15 seconds between attacks.
    • Will not attack goats and shulkers.
  • Drops a horn when they ram into a tree.
  • Can be bred with wheat.
    • Breeding results in 3 to 8 baby goats.
  • Have 10 (♥♥♥♥♥) health.
  • On death, they do not drop items, but adults will drop experience.
  • Can be milked with a bucket, similar to cows.
  • Can be attached to a lead.
  • Currently behind Experimental Gameplay toggle (Caves and Cliffs sub-toggle).



Grass Path


  • Changed the texture of the worn netherite leggings model.


Scripting, Add-Ons, and Technical
  • Changed set_block and set_block_at_pos to use BlockDescriptor when specifying block_type
  • Items with the item lock component no longer cause the recipe book to show invalid recipe results
  • Added query.cardinal_facing_2d to get a ground plane direction that doesn't return up or down
  • Added the ability to put block models into the models/blocks folder
  • Added the ability for item triggers to send events to the block they are interacting with (when there is one such as on_use_on)
  • Added the ability to query the interacted face for both interactions with blocks and using minecraft:on_use_on in an item. Face can be queried with query.block_face
Event Responses
  • add_mob_effect and remove_mob_effect no longer throw content errors when valid effect names are passed in
  • Added documentation for remove_mob_effect to make creators aware they can use the value "all" in effect to remove all mob effects from a target