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Bedrock Edition

Interne Versionsnummer


Android, iOS, Fire OS, Fire TV, Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Xbox One, Gear VR – October 18, 2017



1.2.3 is an update for Bedrock Edition that was released on October 18, 2017.[1][2][3][4]


  • Added a button to join a Realm using an invite code on the Friends tab for platforms that can't click on Realms invite links


  • Adventure Maps
    • Block & Seek by Polymaps
    • Dr. Splice’s Lab Escape by 57Digital
    • Mystery Lands: Scary Chunks by Pathway Studios
    • The Cube Theater by Qwertyuiopthepie
    • The Haunted Neighborhood by PixelHeads
  • Worlds
    • Fall Fest by Blockception
    • FightMe! By Pathway Studios
    • Land's End by Blockworks
    • SkyFair by Blockworks
  • Skin Packs
    • Boo! by 57Digital
    • Cute But Spoopy by Eneija
    • Onsie by Eneija
    • The Boo Crew by Razzleberries
    • Lucha Libre by 57Digital
    • Spookfest by Irish
    • Sci-Fi Horror by Pathway Studios
    • Space Crew by InPvP
    • Spooky Skeleton by Blockception


  • Pressing the A button on the Creative inventory will now place one item in the inventory, not a full stack. Pressing the Y button will place a full stack and X will clear the hotbar in Creative mode


  • iOS render distance is no longer limited to 6 chunks on higher memory devices
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed child accounts to join servers when multiplayer permissions were disabled
  • Fixed a crash when the game was suspended (Xbox One only)
  • Fixed a crash that occurred if a player with blocked multiplayer privileges was in a world and accepted an invite from another player (Xbox One only)
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when closing the skin picker
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when loading world chunks
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when using the crafting screen
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when going through a Nether portal and then using a piston
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when crafting items while a split-screen player joined (Xbox One only)
  • Fixed a crash when pressing OK on the disconnect message after suspending and resuming the game (iOS only)
  • Fixed a crash that occurred with Iron Golems on converted worlds
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when using the Befehl /fill command that caused too many spawned entities to fall
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when using uppercase letters in Befehl /gamerule commands
  • Fixed a crash on low memory iOS devices
  • The game will no longer freeze if a second player joins with split-screen while the first player controller is disconnected (Xbox One only)
  • Decreased the sensitivity of placing blocks
  • The 'Sniper Duel' achievement is now unlockable (Xbox One only)
  • The 'Inception' achievement in now unlockable on all platforms
  • Fixed an exploit that caused rails to be duplicated
  • Fixed an exploit that caused Shulker boxes to be duplicated when broken by an explosion
  • The Sign screen can now be closed if the cursor has been moved to the third line (iOS only)
  • Fixed worlds that were created on Xbox One not opening after being downloaded to another platform from Realms
  • Fire Resistance effect will now properly protect players after quitting and rejoining a world
  • The virtual keyboard no longer opens and can't be closed when opening Host Options (Fire TV only)
  • Fixed torches and other light sources giving off very little light when Smooth Lighting was enabled
  • Attacking or mining with an enchanted book will no longer apply the book's enchantment
  • Players can no longer be targeted by mobs before loading into a world or dimension
  • Fixed an issue causing transparency issues on several skins
  • Pressing the A button no longer cancels Elytra flight and will now make the player ascend
  • Players will no longer cease climbing stairs and slabs while flying
  • Fixed Iron Golems not causing enough Knockback effect
  • Servers will no longer briefly appear on the Friends tab
  • Heavy blocks no longer break when falling on leaf blocks
  • Fixed the texture offset of Mooshroom's udder layer
  • Cobweb will now drop as an item when cut with shears
  • Sheep no longer emit two sounds when dying
  • Food particles now appear when feeding animals
  • Items renamed in an anvil that have been placed will now retain their names after being mined
  • Several improvements to handling split-screen controller assignments (Xbox One only)
  • The game will no longer accept input from the previous controller after changing controllers while the game is suspended (Xbox One only)
  • Split-screen players are now correctly assigned after their controllers are disconnected and reconnect in a different order (Xbox One only)
  • Fixed Guardians not spawning in Ocean Monuments
  • Leaves that have snow over them will no longer appear black
  • Fixed an issue that could cause chat to freeze if there was a high amount of chat output
  • Skulls can now be placed on the ground when a layer of snow is already there
  • Endermen now take damage in filled cauldrons
  • Doors, Wooden Buttons, Ladders and Fishing Rods can now be used as fuel in a Furnace
  • Fixed some vines being destroyed when pressing right-click
  • Fixed an incorrect controller tooltip when moving an item in the Creative inventory over the hotbar
  • All mobs can now be spawned on water by players
  • It's now easier to see the texture animation of flowing water
  • Spider and Endermen eyes are now slightly visible when hit with invisibility potions
  • Fixed no sound when filling a bottle with Dragon's Breath
  • "Elytra Wings" are now referred to simply as "Elytra"
  • Players with Fire Resistance will now receive damage from lightning
  • Fixed a constant green highlight on the inventory screen of tamable mobs
  • Pumpkins and mob heads can now be equipped directly from the Creative inventory on Pocket UI
  • When placing layered snow, only one block will now be taken from the inventory
  • Flint and Steel no longer takes damage when hitting mobs
  • Using Pick Block on giant mushrooms will no longer give unobtainable mushroom blocks
  • Arrows that are picked up will now join an existing stack in the offhand slot, not creating a separate stack
  • Minecarts and boats can no longer be destroyed by Ender Pearls
  • Door and fence gates can now be placed on dirt path blocks
  • Items moving in flowing water will no longer have jittery movement
  • Dead bushes can now be replaced when placing blocks and items
  • Decreased the hitbox size on crops
  • The hitbox size of Nether Wart will now increase as it grows
  • Increased the distance that the Enchantment Table book will open when a player approaches it
  • Runes no longer float from bookshelves to the Enchantment Table at the same time
  • Fixed graphical issues with the experience bar when the Candy Texture Pack is applied
  • Banners will now wave when daylight cycle is disabled
  • Light Gray Shulker Boxes now have the proper name
  • Shulker Boxes now only give a full Redstone signal when filled with 27 full item stacks
  • Top snow is now destroyed immediately after placing water or lava over it
  • Food particles no longer come out of players' foreheads
  • Crafting and container screens now close when a player takes from another player or mob
  • It is no longer possible for players to place a block in the same space they are sneaking, causing them to fall
  • Uncraftable and unobtainable items no longer appear in the Recipe Book in Survival mode
  • The tooltip for Stone variants in the Recipe Book now properly show they're in the "Nature" category
  • Split-screen GUI Scale is now saved separately from Fullscreen GUI Scale (Xbox One only)
  • Mooshroom now displays a particle effect when sheared
  • Eating and drinking animations are now visible when a player is seen from third-person view while under the invisibility status effect
  • Additional Map items are no longer lost when more than one Map is placed in an Anvil’s input slot while creating a Locator Map
  • Fixed player's camera Y-value from flickering up/down when the player teleports
  • Fixed "Custom" skin name appearing as placeholder text on player skin change notifications
  • Fixed the left leg being rotated the wrong way on armor stand poses
  • Items replaced by a command are now visible instantly in the inventory
  • The "Choose Skin" text no longer flickers on the Skin Picker (Android only)
  • Scroll bars in menus no longer jitter when using the right stick to scroll
  • Fixed low-speed movement occurring after controller thumbstick is released (VR only)
  • When pressing tab to complete a command, the choices are now sorted correctly
  • Adding a damage_sensor to an entity type no longer prevents Befehl /kill from working

Content Release (October 27, 2017)[]


  • Stranger Things Skin Pack

Content Release (November 1, 2017)[]


  • Worlds
    • Jig's Guide: Redstone Basics by Jigarbov Productions
    • KVASIR: A Nordic Village Spawn by Razzleberries
    • Proton Station by InPvP
    • Blitz Build by Pathway Studios
    • Castle Architect by Pathway Studios

Content Release (November 13, 2017)[]


  • MINECON Earth Content (Available until November 27, 2017)
    • MINECON Earth 2017 Skin Pack
    • Purple Parrot Party Palace by Minecraft Team
    • Abstraction: MINECON EARTH by Jigarbov Productions
  • Worlds
    • Truffletop Town by Imagiverse
    • Enderman's Forest by Polymaps
    • Purple Parrot Party Palace by Minecraft
  • Skin Packs
    • Mineplex Friends by Mineplex


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