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v1.2.16 (v1.2.13.60)

Bedrock Edition

Interne Versionsnummer

iOS – 1.2.16
Android, Fire OS, Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Gear VR, Fire TV, Xbox One –


Android, iOS, Fire OS, Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Gear VR, Fire TV, Xbox One – April 20, 2018



1.2.16 was an update, which was released for Bedrock Edition. This update was released as on non-iOS devices.

It is still multiplayer compatible with other devices running version 1.2.13 and[1]



  • Fixed several of the top crashes that occurred during gameplay
  • Skin selections will once again save after closing the game or signing out
  • Item names and descriptions once again appear when selecting an item on Classic UI with touch controls
  • Items are no longer duplicated or lost when using touch controls on Classic UI
  • Items now properly stack when moving inventory with touch controls on Classic UI
  • Fixed Superflat worlds losing their chunks after opening with the latest update
  • Japanese text will now be entered into text fields correctly
  • Command Blocks no longer lose their data when closing a world
  • Previous Output for Command Blocks now updates correctly


  • 1.2.16 has the highest minor version number of updates on Bedrock Edition, at "16". The highest on Java Edition is "17", with Alpha v1.0.17.


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