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Fire OS, Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Gear VR, Fire TV, Xbox One – March 8, 2018
Android, iOS – March 9, 2018



1.2.11 is an update to Bedrock Edition that was released on March 8-9, 2018.[1] While it wasn't the last update to 1.2.0, it was the last one before the beta builds of 1.4.0 started.


  • Friendly Fire (PvP) can now be toggled from World Options
  • Adjusted vertical look acceleration when using a controller


  • Fixed a crash that occurred when firing projectiles
  • The 'Beam Me Up' achievement can once again be unlocked
  • Starting Map and Bonus Chest can no longer be toggled for template worlds
  • Increased the speed of crop growth and grass spreading
  • Players no longer float above beds while sleeping
  • Vines that don't have a support block will no longer float in mid-air
  • Players can no longer jump out of minecarts using the default jump button if it has been bound to a different button
  • Minecarts no longer collide with adjacent minecarts on separate tracks
  • The map owner's icon is now sorted to the top of the map
  • When elevated, directional blocks now always face upwards, regardless of the player's coordinates
  • Maps can now be held simultaneously in the main hand and offhand
  • Pistons no longer get into a state where they pause, activate randomly, and potentially crash the game
  • Sticky Pistons and Slime Blocks can no longer pull and break Comparators
  • Shulker Boxes will no longer be dispensed as items if the dispenser is obstructed
  • Burned out Redstone torches will no longer reactivate until they receive a block update or are replaced
  • Reduced the explosion range of Creepers
  • Endermen that are aggravated will now take fall damage as they should, no longer breaking Ender Pearl farms
  • Fixed an incorrect amount of wool blocks that can be dyed in the Recipe Book
User Interface
  • Moving full stacks between containers is once again possible on Pocket UI
  • Made it easier to invite friends to games by pressing X on the invite screen
  • Creative menu tabs can now be scrolled using the Right Thumbstick when the 'Hide Gamepad Cursor' option is enabled
  • Selecting "Sync Worlds" no longer causes the selected button to dramatically shift up (Xbox One)
  • Removed unnecessary text from map tooltips in the inventory
  • Pressing the Menu button on the Xbox One controller will now execute quick commands


Video made by slicedlime:


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