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Bedrock Edition

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Caves & Cliffs (Part 2)

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The second release of Caves & Cliffs is an upcoming major update to Bedrock Edition set to release in late-2021. It was first announced alongside the release of the Java Edition 1.17 snapshot 21w15a.

Planned additions[]

  • Height dependent generation.
  • Revamped, featuring some new small spruce trees on the slopes and ice and packed ice above the peaks.
  • Contain goats, rabbits, snow block], snow layers and powder snow.
  • Iron ore, emerald ore and coal ore are found in abundance.
    • Emerald ore no longer generates in veins of only one.
  • Can generate up to Y = 256.
  • New sub biomes Lofty Peaks, Snow Capped Peaks, Snowy Slopes, Mountain Grove, and Mountain Meadow.
  • Completely overhauled.
  • Now stretch down to Y = -59.
  • The cavern now generates in 2 layers of different stone bases depending on the depth.
    • Cavern layer above Y = 0 is made up of regular stone.
    • Stone transitions to deepslate from Y = 0 to Y = -7.
    • Deepslate now completely replaces stone from Y = -8 to bedrock.
      • Certain types of ores and structures still generate in the deepslate layer, as well as [[tuff.
      • Dirt, diorite, granite and andesite do not generate in this layer.
  • Biomes inside of caves introduced such as dripstone caves.
  • Contain aquifers, bodies of water with different heights, independent of sea level (Y=63).
  • Improved old caves to blend in with the new generations of caves better.[2]
  • New carver called crack carver, which appears as a fissure on the ground, like ravines but narrower and can go very deep.[3]
  • New noise caves, coming in 2 forms, cheese and spaghetti.
    • The original caves still exist, mixing with the noise caves.
    • Cheese caves have large stone towers stretching from the bottom of the cave to the top.
      • Very large, often large enough to fly with an elytra.
      • Abundant with aquifers and ores.
    • Spaghetti caves are long, thin caves that have small aquifers and are more similar to original caves.
  • For support, if in the air, can generate with log pillars below or chains on fence posts above.
  • Try to generate fully encased in stone at low y-levels.


Dripstone Caves
  • Contains pointed dripstone and dripstone blocks.
Lush Caves
  • Contain cave plants and moss.
  • Moss covers the ceilings and floors.
  • Clay pools generate inside.
  • Come in 5 sub-biomes:
    • Mountain Meadow
      • The lowest layer of a mountain.
      • Contain flowers and sweet berry bushes.
    • Mountain Grove
      • The second lowest layer of a mountain.
      • Covered in snow, snow blocks and powder snow, and is filled with spruce trees.
      • Rabbits spawn in this biome.
    • Snowy Slopes
      • The second highest layer of a mountain.
      • Covered in snow, snow blocks, powder snow and ice.
      • Goats spawn only in this biome.
    • Lofty Peaks
      • The highest layer of a mountain, and will only generate if the mountain is high enough.
      • Generates if the surrounding biomes are too warm for snow capped peaks.
      • Covered in snow and ice.
    • Snow Capped Peaks
      • The highest layer of a mountain, and will only generate if the mountain is high enough.
      • Generates if the surrounding biomes are too cold for lofty peaks.
      • Covered in snow, snow blocks, powder snow, ice and packed ice.