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1.16.230 is an upcoming minor update to Bedrock Edition with an unknown release date, which will fix bugs.[1]

Development phases contain some of the Caves & Cliffs features through experimental gameplay, which will not be included in the full release for this update but will be part of 1.17.0.[2][3]



  • Added mouse and keyboard support for Android devices.
    • Only supports Android Oreo and higher.


GameTest Framework
  • Added Dimension class
  • Added World.getDimension
  • Updated the GameTest Framework interface. See the list below for specific changes:
    • function assertEntityPresentInArea(entityIdentifier : string) - Throws an Error if an entity matching the given identifier does not exist in the test region
    • function print(text : string) - Prints the given text to the chat
    • function assertEntityInstancePresent(entity : Entity, position : BlockLocation) - Throws an Error if the given entity is not present in the given block location
    • Removed function setEntityTamed(entityIdentifier : string, position : BlockLocation) - Replaced by component function setTamed(showParticles : bool)
  • Entity
    • function getComponents() - Returns an array of supported components
    • function getComponent(componentIdentifier : string) - Returns the component matching the given identifier
    • function hasComponent(componentIdentifier : string) - Returns true if the given component exists on the entity and is supported
    • function getName() - Returns the name of the entity (e.g. "Horse")
    • Components for color, health, leashable, and tamemount were added
    • function kill() - Kills the entity
  • World
    • addEventListener(eventName : string, callback : function(entity : Entity)) - Registers an event listener for entity events Supported Events:
      • onEntityCreated - Fires when an entity is created
      • onEntityDefinitionTriggered - Fires when an entity definition event is triggered
  • Renamed Befehl /gametest runall to Befehl /gametest runset
  • The default value for the tag parameter is now suite:default.
  • GameTest
    • function assertEntityData(position : BlockLocation, entityIdentifier : string, callback : function(entity: Entity)) - Asserts that the given condition is true for all entities of the given type at the given location
    • function spawnItem(itemType : ItemStack, position : Location) - Spawns an item at the given location
    • function assertIsWaterlogged(position : BlockLocation, isWaterlogged : bool) - Asserts that the block at the given location is waterlogged
    • function assertRedstonePower(position : BlockLocation, power : number) - Asserts the redstone power level at the given location
    • Added Commands.run
  • New Effect APIs on the Entity Type
    • function getAmplifier() - Gets the effect's amplifier level
    • function getDuration() - Gets the effect's remaining duration
    • function addEffect(effectType : EffectType, duration : number, amplifier: number) - Adds an effect to the Entity
    • function getEffect(effectType : EffectType) - Gets an effect from the Entity
  • Updated constructor to ItemStack
  • Updated ItemType
    • constructor (x : number, y: number, z: number) - World coordinate
    • function getName() - gets the item's name
  • Add new enumerations: Minecraft.Effects & Minecraft.Items