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Bedrock 1.16.100 PatchNotes.png

Bedrock Edition

Interne Versionsnummer

PS4: 2.18
Windows 10: 1.16.10004.0


Nintendo Switch: 16. November 2020
Andere Plattformen: 17. November 2020[1][2]


Windows Linux



1.16.100 ist ein kleines Update der Bedrock Edition, veröffentlicht am 16. November 2020 für Nintendo Switch und am 17. November 2020 für andere Plattformen, das neue Befehle hinzufügt, die Add-on und die Mechanik der Skript-Engine erweitert und verbessert, die RenderDragon Shading-Engine hinzufügt, mehr Parität von der Java Edition, die Leistungs-/Trophäen-UI überarbeitet und Fehler behebt.[3]



Befehl /camerashake
  • Wird verwendet, um einen Wackeleffekt der Kamera zu ermöglichen.
Befehl /clearspawnpoint
  • Wird verwendet, um Spawnpoints in der Welt zu löschen.
Befehl /event
  • Wird verwendet, um ein Ereignis eines Objektes auszulösen.
Befehl /fog
  • Wird für die Verwaltung aktiver Nebel-Einstellungen für Spieler verwendet.
Befehl /music
  • Ermöglicht die Steuerung verschiedener Musiktitel.
Befehl /playanimation
  • Dient zur Ausführung einer einmaligen Animation.
Befehl /ride
  • Wird verwendet, um Entitäten dazu zu bringen, andere Entitäten zu reiten, Entitäten vom Reiten abzuhalten, Entitäten dazu zu bringen, ihre Reiter zu vertreiben oder Reiter oder Reiter zu beschwören.
Befehl /structure
  • Dient zum Speichern und Laden von Strukturen, ohne Strukturblöcke verwenden zu müssen.


  • Added a new achievement details screen.
  • Added Noto Sans font license button and pop-up dialog to Settings screen.
  • Added "Camera Shake" toggle in the Video and Accessibility settings.
    • Used to adjust camera shakes.
  • Added some of the new splashes from Java Edition, as well as splashes related to the fight against discrimination of black, indigenous, and people of color:
    • This parrot is no more! It has ceased to be!
    • Music by Lena Raine!
    • Aww man!
    • #minecraftfarms
    • And my pickaxe!
    • Envision! Create! Share!
    • Fabulous graphics!
    • Also try Minecraft Dungeons!
    • Vanilla!
    • May contain traces of citrus!
    • Zoglin!?
    • Black lives matter!
    • Be anti-racist!
    • Learn about allyship!
    • Speak OUT against injustice and UP for equality!
    • Amplify and listen to BIPOC voices!
    • Educate your friends on anti-racism!
    • Support the BIPOC community and creators!
    • Stand up for equality in your community!



  • Braucht nun länger zum Abbauen.
  • Is now resistant to ghast fireballs.
Bee Nests
  • Now appear yellow on maps.
Brewing Stands
  • Can now be placed in all orientations.
  • Now gives itself when pickblocked, instead of normal dirt.
  • Can now be obtained using Befehl /give command.
Nether Gold Ore
  • Now uses the "nether" color on maps.
  • No longer gets stuck in an active state when moved by pistons.
  • Can now be composted.
Soul Campfires
  • Now deal double the damage that normal campfires deal.
  • Now drop Soul Soil instead of Charcoal when mined.
Sweet Berry Bushes
  • Now deal damage to mobs and players.


Brown and Red Mushrooms
  • Can now be placed and grown on both types of nylium.
Crimson and Warped Fungus
  • Can now be placed on mycelium.
    • Will still only grow into a huge fungus on the respective nylium.
Lodestone Compasses
Totem of Undying
  • Now gives Fire Resistance I instead of II.


  • Now leave their hive/nest after an allotted time in the End and the Nether.
  • Now switch between melee attack and ranged attack based on the distance from the player.
  • Can now survive on land for up to 120 seconds.
  • Will now try to head to the nearest water source when on land.
  • Now afraid of Respawn Anchors.
  • Baby Hoglins now deal appropriate damage.
  • Baby Hoglin now have drops after being killed by the player.
Hostile mobs
  • Can now spawn during the day during thunderstorms.
Iron Golems
  • Now make flapping noises.
Piglin Brutes
  • Now drops 20 experience points instead of 10.
  • No longer spawns with enchanted golden axes.
  • Now keep their axes when zombified.
  • Now preserve their armor when zombified.
Snow Golems
  • Now drop their pumpkin when sheared.
  • Now has the correct health of 20 (♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥) instead of 15 (♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥) to match Java Edition.
Strider Jockeys
  • The zombified piglin riding a strider now spawns holding a warped fungus on a stick.
  • Now play a sound when laying eggs.
  • Now take damage from Instant Health effect and heal from Instant Damage effect.
  • Baby Zoglin now have drops after being killed by the Player.
  • Changed baby zoglin's model to match Java Edition.


  • Now show the name above them when placed in the world.
  • Now keep their custom names prior to placing them.
Experience Orbs
  • Will now float up in water.
Falling blocks
  • Falling blocks now break after falling for extended periods of time.
  • Now show the name above them when placed in the world.
  • Now keep their custom names prior to placing them.

World Generation[]

Nether Biomes
  • Soul Sand Valley now have ceilings covered with Soul Soil and Soul Sand.
  • Basalt Delta now have Basalt ceilings.
Ruined portals
  • Now can generate with 4–12 glistering melons instead of only one.


  • Soul Speed are no longer obtainable from fishing, chest loot, or raids.
Map colors
  • Map colors have been updated accordingly.
    • Warped stems, stripped warped stems, and warped planks now use the WARPED_STEM color instead of the COLOR_CYAN color.
    • Warped hyphae and stripped warped hyphae now use the WARPED_HYPHAE color instead of the COLOR_CYAN color.
    • Warped nylium now uses the WARPED_NYLIUM color instead of the COLOR_CYAN color.
    • Warped fungi and twisting vines now use the COLOR_CYAN color instead of the PLANT color.
    • Warped wart blocks now use the WARPED_WART_BLOCK color instead of the COLOR_CYAN color.
    • Crimson stems and stripped crimson stems now use the CRIMSON_STEM color instead of the COLOR_RED color.
    • Crimson hyphae and stripped crimson hyphae now use the CRIMSON_HYPHAE color instead of the COLOR_RED color.
    • Crimson nylium now uses the CRIMSON_NYLIUM color instead of the COLOR_RED color.
    • Crimson fungi and weeping vines now use the NETHER color instead of the PLANT color.
    • Crimson planks now use the CRIMSON_STEM color instead of the NETHER color.


The new achievement UI

  • Revamped the UI.
    • Gamepad bumpers can now be used to switch tabs in the achievements screen
    • Tweaked the default focus on the tabs in the achievements screen
    • Added extra space between the end of the list and the "input legend" at the bottom
    • The achievement detail screen now shows "Completed on other platform" section
Add-ons and Script Engine
  • Bandwidth optimization: make sure level event packets only broadcast locally.
  • Spatial Bandwidth Optimizations are now exposed through a component, minecraft:conditional_bandwidth_optimization.
  • Spatial Bandwidth Optimizations are now utilized by every actor using minecraft:conditional_bandwidth_optimization.
  • Added the selector component to raw text which can be used to print entity names in commands such as 'tellraw' and 'titleraw'.
  • Structures are no longer cut off when loaded using the Befehl /structure command.
  • Added minecraft:placement_filter component which allows the player to set conditions for where the block can be placed.
  • Added serialization to Block Descriptor
  • Added static anyMatch functions to BlockDescriptor to compare a list of BlockDescriptors against: Block*, BlockLegacy, or BlockDescriptor
  • Added a function to compare two BlockDescriptors.
  • Changed the BlockDescriptor BlockLegacy member variable to a Block*, to set the block states during deferred block resolution and get the block with the states set
  • Removed all the existing Block* json parsing
  • Added unit tests to verify parsing and serializing block descriptors
  • Added unit tests to verify comparing a BlockDescriptors against each other
  • Added unit tests to verify getting a block from BlockDescriptor with the states set
  • Items in the inventory will no longer move into the crafting grid when hovering over recipes
  • The selected recipe will no longer be cleared when changing tabs, even if the player don't have all the necessary ingredients for that recipe
  • Picking up items while the cursor is hovering over a recipe now updates to the recipe's new index
Menu screen
  • Music is no longer interrupted when entering water in ocean biomes.
  • Removed the "Particle Render Distance" options as it became redundant with Befehl /fog.
  • Windows 10 now uses the new rendering engine RenderDragon.
  • Removed the "mixer.com/minecraft" splash, as Mixer streaming services is no longer available.
  • Item names of the format minecraft:item.someitem no longer need the item. portion and it will be ignored.
  • Added Entity Movement Prediction.
  • Updated Actor Properties. Two fields that were invalid and appeared in some vanilla content will now give a content error. The field 'value' on minecraft:can_fly and the property minecraft:foot_size should simply be removed from any entity files.
  • Make boat use the Buoyancy Component. Added two new components, the inside_block_notifier component, which fires specified events when the actor enters or exits specified blocks, and the out_of_control component, which sets a corresponding actor flag, in order to make this possible.
  • Added error checks to parsing of minecraft shareables items. Displays content log if item name is invalid or the array is empty.
  • Attempting to load a custom material that is not defined no longer causes a crash. A proper content error is now thrown.
  • Exposed new data parameters to control the behavior of Drop Item For Goal. This includes: seconds_before_pickup, cooldown, minimum_teleport_distance, max_head_look_at_height, teleport_offset, and entity_types.
  • Exposed new data parameters to control the behavior of Harvest Farm Block Goal, including max_seconds_before_search, search_cooldown_max_seconds, and seconds_until_new_task.
  • Updated the format_versionfield in geometry, particles, and animation files to behave as entity behavior files do.
  • The MoveToLiquidGoal has been changed to use data for its target block.
  • Striders now correctly executes the move_to_liquid goal.
  • Added Item Lock components to allow for items to be locked in the inventory, locked in a slot, or kept upon death
  • Added a new loop_delayfield to skeletal animation files that controls how to wait between each iteration of a looping animation
  • Villagers/zombie villagers will once again correctly spawn as a baby when using the summon command to summon them with the event minecraft:entity_born
  • Older command versions using Befehl /execute will now use the proper position for command selectors when calculating the radius
  • Removed legacy fall damage packet from client
  • Made some small changes around how we calculate the spawn position of dropped items from a player that dies from falling.
  • Changed LegacyCubemap from opaque to transparent (MCPE-94275)
  • Fog Definition identifier cannot use the minecraft: namespace unless it's from a vanilla resource pack.
  • Blocks that have ticking components will now clear their pending ticks from the ticking queue upon removal.
    • Added the on_player_destroyed trigger component.
  • Actors
    • The minecraft:behavior.controlled_by_player goal is now data-driven.
    • Physics Component's has_gravity is now used to decide whether a mob should apply water gravity, if the mob does not have a Navigation Component.
    • Ender Crystals can no longer be pushed.
    • The Squid's rendering is now data-driven.
    • Minecarts are now data-driven.
      • This converted minecart rideable, minecarts with chest, with hopper, with command block, and with TNT to be data-driven.
  • Aseprite
    • The UI now supports using aseprite JSON files for animations, which allows more advanced animations than simple flip books.
  • Audio
    • * FMOD music channel now sets its priority to 0 when music is played to prevent FMOD virtual channel from stealing it when a regular sound is played in game (default priority is 128)
  • DataDrivenBlocks
    • Middle click on non-default permutations of data driven blocks no longer throws an assert. Middle click now adds the default permutation of the block to your inventory
    • Added a fix for blocks computing ambient occlusion to behave more like vanilla by only contributing ambient occlusion if it's an opaque unit cube
    • Made data driven blocks with disabled collision pathable
  • DataDrivenBlockEvents
    • Adds support for parsing and performing the following event responses:
      • Added the set_block_at_pos event response
      • Spawn Loot
      • Set Block
    • Added support for the on_interact trigger component
      • Added support for the on_player_placing trigger component
      • Also added MoLang queries for cardinal_block_face_placed_on and cardinal_player_facing for getting placement context
  • DataDrivenBlockModels
    • Added the first pass of the new data driven block tessellation pipelin
    • Added the minecraft:geometry component to allow using a block model for rendering
    • Added the minecraft:unit_cube component to allow using a default unit cube for rendering. Unit cubes get some extra effects like ambient occlusion and face removal
    • Added the minecraft:material_instances component to allow mapping faces and material_instances in a geometry file to an actual material
  • DataDrivenBlockModels - SmoothLighting
    • Fixed smooth lighting and ambient occlusion with new data driven blocks
  • Display Name Component
    • Items can now override their display name with a localized 'value'.
  • Documentation
    • Added documentation for block event responses and re-organized block documentation
  • ExecuteCommand
    • Added support to item json events for the execute_command keyword.
  • Format Version Checks
    • Updated the format_versionfield in geometry, particles, and animation files to behave as entity behavior files do.
  • Items
    • Created RepairableItemComponent that data-drives how an item is repaired in game.
    • Banners using the set_banner_details function no longer throw a content error when a "base_color" isn't specificed, but rather only when the "base_color" is invalid
    • Added decrement_count event response for items
  • Item Names
    • Renamed items to be in parity with the Java item names.
    • Added new BlockRaycastComponent that can override the AABB used for outlines and raycasting
    • Added new BlockCollisionComponent that can override the AABB used for entity collision
    • Added new BlockPropertyComponent that can replace the blockProperties : Unwalkable, Infiniburn, PreventsJumping, Immovable, BreakOnPush, OnlyPistonPush and BreaksWhenHitByArrow
    • Added new BlockQueuedTickingComponent that triggers events for a block on a range of time set by the creator
    • Added new BlockRandomTickingComponent that triggers events for a block randomly
    • Added a Rotation Component that allows a block to rotate The component only allows axis-aligned rotations
    • Adds the base implementation of the CraftingTableComponent
      • Allows the creation of custom crafting tables
      • Currently only supports 3x3 grids
  • minecraft:behavior.send_event
    • No longer uses -1 in max_activation_range as a value to indicate unlimited range, the default has been changed to 32.
    • Added content log warnings for when min_activation_range and max_activation_range is less than 0
    • Added content log warnings for when min_activation_range is greater than max_activation_range
  • minecraft:behavior.summon_entity
    • No longer uses -1 in max_activation_range as a value to indicate unlimited range, the default has been changed to 32
    • Added content log warnings for when min_activation_range and max_activation_range is less than 0
    • Added content log warnings for when min_activation_range is greater than max_activation_range
  • MoveTowardsRestrictionGoal
    • This goal has been removed in favor of the two new child goals that make the behavior more clear.
  • MoveTowardsDwellingRestrictionGoal
    • This goal is for Actors that are part of the Village construct
    • The DwellerComponent is necessary for this goal
  • MoveTowardsHomeRestrictionGoal
    • The HomeComponent is necessary for this goal
    • Exposed a new data parameter for the range at which the Actor will stay within in relation to their home: restriction_radius
  • Records
    • Items can now be made records to play music in Jukeboxes. Their component variables:
      • sound_event A string value corresponding to a sound event in the game code. This string must be one these for music to play: "13", "cat", "blocks", "chirp", "far", "mall", "mellohi", "stal", "strad", "ward", "11", "wait", "pigstep"
      • duration A float value that determines how long particles are spawned from the JukeBox Block, should approximately match length of sound event
      • comparator_signal An integer value that represents the strength of the analogue signal, used by the Comparator Block
  • RunCommand
    • Added support to entity json events for the run_command keyword alongside the current add and remove keywords.
    • Updated the following components to parse and use BlockDescriptor instead of Block*: BlockBreakSensorComponent, BlockListEventMap, BreathableComponent, BreedableComponent, BuoyancyComponent, EntityPlacerItemComponent, PreferredPathComponent, SeedItemComponentLegacy
    • Updated the following features to parse and use BlockDescriptor instead of Block*: NoSurfaceOreFeature, OreFeature, SingleBlockFeature
    • Updated the following goal definitions to parse and use BlockDescriptor instead of Block*: GoalDefinition, RaidGardenGoal, VanillaGoalDefinition
    • Updated the following surfaces code to parse and use BlockDescriptor instead of Block*: MesaSurfaceAttributes, SurfaceMaterialAdjustmentAttributes, SurfaceMaterialAttributes
    • Updated the following tests to reflect the changes from updating code to use BlockDescriptors: BuoyancyComponentServerTests, FeatureHelperTests, NoSurfaceOreFeatureTests, OreFeatureTests, SingleBlockFeatureTests
    • Updated the following trees to parse and use BlockDescriptor instead of Block*: AcaciaTreeCanopy, AcaciaTreeTrunk, FallenTreeTrunk, FancyTreeCanopy, FancyTreeTrunk, MegaPineTreeCanopy, MegaTreeCanopy, MegaTreeTrunk, PineTreeCanopy, RoofedTreeCanopy, SimpleTreeCanopy, SimpleTreeTrunk, SpruceTreeCanopy, TreeHelper
  • Schema
    • Split allowed_blocksinto use_onand dispense_on
    • use_on specifies what blocks an entity placer item is allowed to be used on, omit to allow all blocks
    • dispense_on specifies what blocks an entity placer item is allowed to be dispensed on, omit to allow all blocks
  • Send Event Goal
    • Added a new json field look_at_target which allows and disallows entities to turn and face their target
  • SetBannerDetailsFunction
    • Now supports customizing non-Illager banners
    • Up to 6 patterns and colors can be specified.



  • Bedrock Edition 1.16.100 has the highest patch version number across all editions, at "100".
    • It also has the highest amount of betas for any dot release, currently at 9.