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Bedrock Edition

Server Version


29. Oktober 2019[1]


Windows Linux



1.13.0 ist ein Update für die Bedrock Edition, erschienen am 29. Oktober 2019.[2] It focuses on adding several missing features that were not included in previous updates, along with some other features, including a character creator, and makes even more improvements to map-making and commands.



Dead coral
  • A dead variant of coral that is made when coral is placed on the surface or does not have water.
  • Can be placed on top of blocks.
  • Added the wither rose.
Light blocks
  • Are available only with commands.
  • Supports auxiliary data from 0 to 15 for light level.
Note blocks
Structure void
  • It is an intangible block used to indicate to the structure blocks that certain air blocks can be overridden by previously existing blocks in the destination.
    • Intended to be a replacement for the function barrier blocks used to convey (during early development), so they can form part of the structure itself.
  • They are invisible and have a small hitbox.
    • They are visible only when they are inside a structure being saved by a save structure blocks and the toggle option "show invisible blocks" is true.
    • Additionally, any placed structure void instantly becomes visible when the player holds the item in their hand, similar to the barrier.
  • Allows for empty spaces in a structure.
    • Unlike air, it does not overwrite blocks where it is loaded.
    • Example: If the player loads a 2 block high structure with air at the top and a structure void at the bottom into a 2 block high area of stone, the top block becomes air but the bottom remains stone.
  • Bedrock-exklusiv: Has a different texture than Java Edition.


Suspicious stew
  • Can be crafted, milked from brown mooshrooms, found in shipwreck supply chests, or bought from farmer villagers.
  • When consumed, gives a status effect depending on what flower it was made from, or a random effect if found in a shipwreck or bought from a farmer villager.
  • Fuchs-Spawn-Ei hinzugefügt.


Brown mooshroom
  • A variant of the mooshroom that spawns when a red mooshroom is hit by lightning.
    • Can be fed flowers then milked for a suspicious stew.
  • Spawn as red foxes in snowless taiga biomes, and as snow foxes in snowy taiga biomes
  • Can be bred with sweet berries.
    • The newborn fox trusts and defends the player.
  • Can pick up and carry items in their mouths.
  • May eat and drop what they are carrying.
  • Wolves and polar bears attack them.
  • Attack chickens and rabbits.




  • Bedrock-exklusiv: Added a new achievement:
    • Time for Stew - Give someone a suspicious stew (20G)

Command format[]

  • Added tab-complete for writing coordinate commands.
  • Added new PersistComponent command for mob persistence.
  • Improved many map-making commands.
  • Added nameTag argument to Befehl /summon, enabling summoning of entities with a name.


Character creator
  • Allows the player to personalize their avatar in many ways, including body size and shape, limb replacement and tweaking of eyes, mouth, hair styles and colors, facial hair, and skin tones
    • More than 100 items are available for free. There is also a range of custom accessories available for purchase.
  • Traditional custom skins can still be imported as before on Windows 10 and mobile.
  • Accessibility settings can now be accessed from in-game chat and has been revamped.
  • Added a new option in Accessibility settings that allows users to not auto-enable Text-To-Speech when their platform has it enabled.
  • Added the ability to disable the chat prompt after entering the world.
  • Added the ability to change chat color and font.
  • Added a new font that can be seen in some menus.
  • Added game credits.
    • These can be viewed after defeating the ender dragon, and also through a new button found in the Profile Settings menu.
  • Added PlayStation-related assets and translation strings into the game files.



  • Can now be placed on surface air, but turns to dead coral if it has no water.
Grass path
Item frames
  • Can now be placed on the top and bottom of blocks.
Structure blocks
  • Added Save and Load behind the Experimental Gameplay toggle.
  • Added new textures and other functionalities.


  • Can no longer be obtained with the Befehl /give commands.
  • Added functionality. Screenshots took by the camera can now be saved into the screenshots folder.
Turtle eggs
  • Locked maps now have a unique inventory icon.


  • Now have a smoother animation when changing poses.
  • Lassen jetzt Erfahrung fallen wenn sie getötet werden.
Illager captains
  • The player now correctly receives the Bad Omen effect whenever the illager captain dies in combat with the player.
  • Are now 1.8 blocks tall. (MCPE-31710).
  • Default Steve, Alex and character creator skins can now blink.
  • Can now heal if they have bread in their inventory.
  • Master-level farmers can now sell suspicious stew. (MCPE-51215).
  • Cartographer trades now require 11 glass panes instead of 10.
  • Villager trade levels now match Java Edition with 5 profession level badges, rather than 3 level badges. (MCPE-43206)


  • Players attempting to sleep on villager-occupied beds now succeed, kicking the villager off.
  • Improved performance.
  • Added a message that informs players whether a Marketplace pack is compatible with their version of Minecraft (specifically if it includes blocks from a newer version of the game).
  • Minecraft on iOS no longer shows the "Do you want to Close Minecraft?" pop-up since iOS doesn't support that app behavior.
  • Map-making and add-on improvements.
Map-making and add-ons
  • New data-driven objects:
  • Changed Breathable, RideTick, and Transformation systems to use ViewedEntityContext.
  • Added push component that determines whether an entity can be pushed.
  • Added persistent component that determines whether an entity should be persistent in the game world.
  • Significantly increased the maximum spawnRadius distance.
  • Levers now have their own block state.
  • Pillar blocks now have their own block state instead of using some values of the direction block state.
  • Actor Definition Events can now be triggered from scripts.
  • Scripting logs can now be opened and viewed while the game is running.
  • Added new scripting Actor tags.
  • Added 'container' scripting component for blocks
  • Added 'projectile_hit', entity_hurt, entity_sneak, entity_attack, and block_exploded scripting events.
How to Play
Menu screen
  • Replaced the hanger button with a "Profile" button.
  • Moved the "Achievements" button to the "Profile" screen.
  • Xbox One now uses the new rendering engine RenderDragon.[3]
  • Villagers and illagers now celebrate upon failure/completion of a raid, respectively.
  • The player no longer receives Bad Omen when all villagers die or all beds are destroyed during a raid.
Pillager patrols
  • Can now spawn in any biome except for mushroom fields.
  • Delay for patrols to spawn increased to 10-11 minutes, from 5-6 minutes.
  • Now attack in swarms.



Video von slicedlime:


  • 1.13.0 has the most beta versions of any update to Bedrock Edition, with a total of 11 beta builds.
  • In Minecraft China, this update is called "Generation Update".
  • Item frames on the top and bottom of blocks were added to both Java Edition's 1.13, and Bedrock's 1.13.