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Riasat963's MLG Mobs Review


Thanks Riasat963!

Reviewing Riasat963's MLG Mob "addon" !
Reviewing Riasat963's MLG Mob "addon" ! YouTube
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Why j can't use STRUCTURE BLOCKs ?
I'm on mobile 1.9
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MLG Mobs by Riasat963 released!!

The first add on which I made was wonderful as my friends said so I decided to make another one. I think you should not mess with some of the mobs as they’re now super MLG.They are healthier,faster and powerful.Try the add on now!! Runs on MCPE,Windows 10 edition,Xbox,PlayStation,Nintendo Switch and more!!(Basically it runs on Bedrock Edition But some people don’t understand)
Resource Pack: https://www.mediafire.com/file/u4bschg98r091cl/MLG+Mobs+By+Riasat963+1.0_resource.mcpack
Behaviour Pack: https://www.mediafire.com/file/o11lqwjlibq68bi/MLG_Mobs_By_Riasat963_1.0_behavior.mcpack/file
MLG Mobs By Riasat963 1.0_resource
MLG Mobs By Riasat963 1.0_resource MediaFire
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Minecraft Quest of the Block

I am hosting a quiz, and this is really gonna be very good. The question that I will ask will not be on Google or the internet therefore this is gonna be hard
The questions will be given with their difficulty.

The following are difficulties:

Dirt - Very Easy
Coal - Easy
Iron - Mediocre
Gold - Hard
Diamond - Very Hard
Bedrock - Critically Hard
Command Block - Command Related
Structure block - Artitechure

These are the difficulty, anyone interested may give me their names. Don't worry there is nothing to be scared of there is no losing only eliminations and there will be a wild card entry too.
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• 3d


There is a way to make a button look like regular stone in mcpe. What is the command you use in order to get it?
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• 3d

Possible new friendship

Does anyons wanna play together on MCPE? I'm kinda bored, Tel, me your xbox live username (Not optional) Discord username and tag (optional), When you can play (time, and date) (Optional) and everything else you feel like I need to know.
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• 4d

Building tips?

So I just started inching away from box houses, and my houses are becoming better shaped with defined rooms and smoother edges. Any tips on making a house for eye-pleasing?
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• 4d


Someone can tell me how to upload maps in MCPE MASTER !
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• 5d

Coral? (MCPE)

I dont know if this is a world bug or not. Top photo is me finding it, bottom (let me get it first) is proof that I did not place it there in Creative (If I did, then the No Achievements thing would be said)

Post image
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• 1/13/2019

Good screen recorder for android

Hi all im wondering if any of you know a good screen recorder and or video editor for android devices as im thinking of making a skyblock series to either post here or youtube or both and i want one that has easy to use text adder so i can put subtitles on my vids as i dont want to talk in them/i dont have a mic to use

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• 1/13/2019

Nuclear Generator Design

I have a massive world that is held in glory by my friends and followers. It’s my creative world creatively named “Build World.” It holds over a gigabyte of space. Yet, I still have a slight problem. One that can fit into a smaller space. I’ve needed a small nuclear generator. If anyone could please help me, and send instructions, or a picture of the layout to help. As a reward, you will get a shoutout in the world. Thank you.
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• 1/12/2019
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• 1/12/2019

The minecraft movie

This is sweet people
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• 1/11/2019

I love mine craft

I’ve been playing mine craft for 5 years and it’s a amazing game for you to let your creativity out😋
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• 1/11/2019
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• 1/10/2019

Enderfected Mobs Updated

Update 1.1 has been released. I know its too early for it but I discovered more about them (actually I didn’t discover I added some features I was saying that in story mode)
They are getting too Enderfected and they might time by time so I had to run away but lemme share whatever I know till now
1.Zombies and Skeletons don’t burn in daylight
2.Non hostile mobs will now attack
3.Wearing pumpkins is useless now
There is a way now to avoid these disastrous creatures,can you survive this bigger disaster?
Resource Pack :https://www.mediafire.com/file/gb4fsd829vhf0cd/Enderfected+Mobs+by+Riasat963+1.1_resource.mcpack
Behaviour Pack: https://www.mediafire.com/file/zsumla2v2ub3j1k/Enderfected+Mobs+by+Riasat963+1.1_behavior.mcpack
Enderfected Mobs by Riasat963 1.1_resource
Enderfected Mobs by Riasat963 1.1_resource MediaFire
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• 1/10/2019

Addons on xbox

Anyone knows if i cn get an addon on xbox one? It would be sweet if i could get that or maybe a world template. Not from the marketplace btw
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• 1/10/2019

New Update

Pandas and Bambo were added in Minecraft not to long ago but foxes and campfires MAY appear in the future as an update also villagers may be more intelligent and where more outfits and new villagers types
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• 1/9/2019

A House I made

This one is a House for horses and animals
Post image
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• 1/9/2019

My first add on!

Hey guys I have made my first addon and I hope you’ll like it.Its called The Enderfected Mobs because most of the mobs in the Overworld and the Nether are infected with a mysterious end virus.Now they teleport and attack(only the hostile mobs)

Can you survive this phenomenon? https://www.mediafire.com/file/mcd1x4p2ktc9ua9/Enderfected_Mobs_by_Riasat963_resource.mcpack/file https://www.mediafire.com/file

https://www.mediafire.com/file/nbbasffnc12v0la/Enderfected_Mobs_by_Riasat963_behavior.mcpack/file don’t it’s completely safe for download I tried the add on

Enderfected Mobs by Riasat963_resource
Enderfected Mobs by Riasat963_resource MediaFire
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