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1 nebo více bloků vody, jakákoliv úroveň světla. Spawnovací blok musí by mezi y:46 a 62 včetně.

Přidáno do hry

Beta 1.2


Ink Sac
(1-3) po smrti.


1 - 3

Internal ID


Entity ID



Chobotnice jsou stvoření s 8-mi chapadly s namodralou kůží a zuby. Chobotnice jsou vždy pasivní stvoření, podobně jako ostatní pasivní stvoření nalezené na povrchu. Mohou být nalezeny ve vodě v jakékoli hloubce, v každém biomu, a rodí se na jakoukoliv obtížnost.


Když je chobotnice zabita, bude každá chobotnice dropovat 0 - 3 inkoustové vaky, které lze použít k barvení vlny. Inkoustové váčky nemusí být vyrobeny s vlnou, ale stejně jako ostatní barviva, jdou použít přímo na ovci, která se poté ostříhá.


Java Edice (Beta)
1.2Added squid.
1.3Squid now have the ability to move in three dimensions (rather than only along the bottom of the body of water).
1.5Squid were now incapable of swimming upward. When they did manage to swim upward, they would drift down with a zero net gain in altitude, resulting in a jittery animation.
1.7Fixed bug causing squid to be unable to swim upward.
Until Beta 1.7 squid did not de-spawn like other mobs. This made squid a popular pet as once harvested they could be put in aquariums and kept there until they were killed by a player. However this was corrected because of their downward movement (at the time) caused them to pool in relatively deep crevices in the ocean or lakes, thus making ink sacs hard to acquire as further squid would not spawn until the local population had been lowered. In 1.7 they were made to de-spawn like other mobs, likely in preparation for the much deeper oceans in the 1.8 update.
1.8-pre1Squid was now the only mob that did not drop experience orbs when killed by the player.
1.8-pre2Squid now drop experience orbs when killed by the player.
Java Edice
1.4.4-preSquid now suffocates in vzduch.