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This template is use to automatically link to the correct version history page, along with an anchor to the specified version.


This template should accept any standard Minecraft version number, it will also accept dates (in brackets) which will be used instead of the version number for the anchor. This is useful for earlier versions of Minecraft that often had multiple versions with the same version number.






{{verlink|Indev (February 4, 2010)}}

Indev (February 4, 2010)

{{verlink|Beta 1.9|These are not the versions you are looking for}}

These are not the versions you are looking for

{{verlink|Beta 1.9-pre6}}

Beta 1.9-pre6

{{verlink|Alpha 1.2.2}}

Alpha 1.2.2

{{verlink|Classic 0.24 SURVIVAL_TEST}}

Classic 0.24 SURVIVAL_TEST

{{verlink|Pocket Edition Alpha 0.2.0}}

Pocket Edition Alpha 0.2.0

{{verlink|PE Alpha 0.2.0}}

PE Alpha 0.2.0

{{verlink|Xbox Edition 1.3.1}}

Xbox Edition 1.3.1

{{verlink|Xbox 1.3.1}}

Xbox 1.3.1

{{verlink|Infdev Seecret Friday 1}}

Infdev Seecret Friday 1

{{verlink|Alpha Seecret Saturday}}

Alpha Seecret Saturday

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