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This template is used to easily link to a template, while displaying the template brackets.


{{tl|template name|subst=subst or don't subst}}

template name can be any page, using the same conventions as transclusion. Basically the "Template:" prefix is optional, and a colon is required to link the main space.

Parameters can also be added, to a maximum of 8. Note that ='s must be escaped using {{=}}

The {{{subst}}} parameter will determine whether the template link will display as a substed template or not. If the subst parameter is set, it will display the word "subst:" in front of the template link.


{{tl|OS}} gives:

{{tl|Template:Welcome|subst=yes}} gives:

{{tl|:Commands/infobox}} gives:
{{ :Commands/infobox}}

{{tl|move|Page to move to|Optional reason}} gives:
{{move|Page to move to|Optional reason}}

{{tl|uw-vandalism|Minecraft|subst=1}} gives:

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