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This template is used for version numbers which may change when the version is released. For example, 1.7 was called 1.7.2 when it was released. With this template, you don't need to go and manually update every instance of "1.7" with "1.7.2", you just add a case to the switch and everything will be updated automatically.


The single anonymous parameter this template accepts is the version number. {{Release version|1.8}}

This template should only be used directly in other templates, in articles the relevant shortcut template should be used instead.

For example: [[{{1.8}}]] is an upcoming version. {{1.8}} currently has no planned release date.

Using this isn't necessary when a version number is an argument to templates like {{version nav}}, {{version link}}, or {{History}}, as that template should already be calling this template itself, but it will work fine either way.

Once the release version number is certain, a bot can subst any usage of this template for that version and remove its case from the switch.

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